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This blog contains all tested and tried recipes. It has grown form our desire to make tasty home made food and share  recipes loved by our family and friends. This blog is the joint effort of myself Suja and my husband Manoj and my son Tejas,who helps me in plating and taking pictures.

We both are great foodies who share a common interest in different types of flavors and their combination to form simple and delicious meal. I was quiet a novice when I first started my independent cooking adventure when I came to USA with my husband and kid. I had always posed to be my mom's helper and aide in kitchen. But what I did was to sit in one corner of the kitchen and talk and talk endlessly to my mom. But I was her taste tester from the time I was a little girl and sometimes she made me guess the ingredients many of which I had no clue. The taste of her food and the aroma that filled the kitchen..how I wish I could recreate the magic.

We are from Kerala the southern most part of India and this blog is dedicated to authentic and traditional recipes of  Kerala . We love to experiment different cuisines and some of our favorites from around the world are also posted here. Hope you will go through this blog and try recipes. We love to hear from you in the form of comments or send us a message. Also love to hear stories about, food and travel and always happy to share them with other readers of this tiny space.

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Suja,Manoj and Tejas

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