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Sri Lankan Eggplant Pickle

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Bacon Cheese Balls

Bacon Cheese Balls
Today's recipe is a quick and easy appetizer or snack. You can make this ahead of time and it freezes like a charm. It is a great time saver if you are planning a get-together. Are you are looking for delightful crispy snacks for entertaining or a game-day snack? Then why not try this yummy bacon cheese balls. This is one of the most requested ones at home and my kid loves this so much. I make it sometimes for his school lunch and it is always a hit. It is so addictive! Trust me it will be gone before you realize.

I tried this for the first time at a friend's dinner party and loved the flavor profile of this snack. I have been making this for so many years now and experimenting with different flavors. If you wish to make variations, continue reading. I have listed down below different ways to make this recipe extra special. Experiment a little and find a flavor combo that makes your taste buds happy!

Bacon cheese balls are deep-fried, bite-sized finger food…

Kada Mutta - Quail Eggs Pepper Fry

Kada Mutta - Quail Eggs Pepper Fry
Today's recipe is a spicy and healthy quail egg fry with the spicy kick of black pepper. This recipe is all about keeping it simple- quick and easy to make and very appetizing. You can serve this as an appetizer, or serve with rice or laced pancake/appam. Gently fried quail eggs with sweet caramelized onions, fennel, curry leaves, and coconut oil add lots of flavors and it is finger-licking delicious. Quail eggs are my kid's new snacking favorite and are fun to eat.
These dainty, pretty eggs are cute as well as nutritious. It is considered a delicacy in Kerala. There is a popular saying “Aayiram kozhikku ara kaada” orhalf quail is equivalent to thousand chickens.Now we don't need to take it in a literal sense but it just means that quail and quail eggs have lots of health benefits. Yes it is more nutritious than your regular eggs! No wonder it is making quite a stir in the health world. If you are looking for healthy options to add to your…

20 Best Kerala Christmas Recipes

How is the Christmas planning coming along for everyone? It is almost Christmas! My kid's Christmas holidays start today and I am planning to celebrate this Christmas in a traditional Kerala style. Festivities and traditions are diverse in many countries around the world, but Christmas is all about joy and sharing! Christmas celebration is part of Kerala's rich tradition and culture. The season of joy and is celebrated like every other festivals in India, with grandeur and with lots of yummy food. My childhood memories of Christmas are glittering lights, colorful paper stars, Christmas papa and nativity scenes of the birth of Jesus that adore almost every home in Kerala. Our Christian neighbors and friends always help us set up the nativity scenes and the decor. And the most memorable are the trays of yummy Christmas goodies from our neighbors. It was always a fun celebration.
The Christmas celebration is not complete without delicious food. Traditional Christmas dinner is a gra…

Easy Persimmon Pudding

Easy Persimmon Pudding
Today's recipe is a classic old- fashioned American dessert made during the holidays. If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you might  already know my love for traditional and rustic looking home-style desserts. Everyone loves easy no fuss desserts. This one is so special,it  brings back memories of sweet, delicious after dinner desserts, toffee flavored with a touch of spice. I made this pudding for Thanksgiving but it is also made during Christmas.
Are you looking for a traditional pudding for Christmas? Then why not try this delicious persimmon pudding. Persimmon is in season during fall and winter months, so there is no better time to try this recipe.It is a very fall and Christmas like pudding, rich, custard-like creamy texture and is laced with flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg and rum. Yes, all the flavors of Christmas- it is just perfect for the holidays!

This pudding is magical with a delicious custard like texture. There is two way…

Andhra Style Green Chilli Chicken

Andhra Style Green Chilli Chicken
Today's recipe is a delicious and spicy Andhra style green chili chicken. This is the fourth recipe I am sharing for this year's Christmas menu. This is a spicy notch up to the regular dry chicken roast recipe. Chicken lovers will love this simple, yet flavorful chicken with the enticing flavor of chilies and spices. For me, this is absolute comfort food and has the deep essence of homey South Indian food. It is perfect with steamed rice and rasam. I spent most of my childhood in Andhra Pradesh and most of my childhood memories are surrounded by flavors of Andhra food. Andhra cuisine is known for its diversity- it is rich, tangy, hot and flavorful. They have some of the best spiciest delicacies and I have already shared some of my favorites like pulihora, Andhra fish curry, gongura pickle, Aavakaya,etc.

Andhra chili chicken is common in the restaurant menu in Bangalore and Delhi. But it is not the regular Indo Chinese chilly chicken that you …

Kulkul - Goan Christmas Sweet

Kulkul- Goan Christmas Sweet
Today's recipe is Kulkul/ Kalkal- a traditional Goan Christmas sweet. This sweet snack is undeniably good with the right amount of sweetness and a crispy bite. You want it sweeter and more festive? Then dip it in sugar syrup or dust them with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. Different colored kulkuls are available in bakeries during Christmas. Well, it is Christmas and goodies made for holidays need to be extra fancy!
This is the third recipe I am sharing with all of you for Christmas. This snack is perfect for the holidays. Holiday cooking need not be stressful. Holiday gift-giving and a party can be fun for kids too. If you are a parent like me, you know how important it is to have fun family cooking involving our little helpers? Well here is one recipe for you. All they need is a fork and they will enjoy rolling and shaping the dough. You can make Kulkuls in large batches well in advance. But these are quite addictive and they will be gone before yo…
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