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Puttu and Kadala Curry/Steamed Rice Cake and Black Chickpeas Curry- Kerala Breakfast

 Puttu and Kadala Curry

Puttu and Kadala Curry have steamed rice cakes with black chickpeas curry combo- a favorite and quintessential Malayali breakfast recipe. The combo is classic, healthy, and super delicious. It is the most common and favorite breakfast in Kerala,  made in every home throughout Kerala. Black chickpeas or Desi chickpeas are the best to make Kerala-style kadala curry. It is protein and fiber-rich with a warm earthy flavor. Kadala curry also goes well with appam or chapathi. The sauce is versatile and is good with any vegetable of your choice, lentils, or beans. The gravy consists of roasted ground coconut and aromatic spices.

Puttu is simple to make with roasted rice flour and grated coconut. What makes it hearty and filling is the combinations that go with puttu, like black chickpeas curry, green gram, pappadam, bananas, etc. For those who like fiery spice, like my grandmother, crispy fried salted dried chilly and pappadam makes the meal complete. Another classic combination with puttu is spicy chicken curry. Puttu is made with roasted rice flour and grated coconut. Puttu kutti or a steamer gives it a cylindrical shape. The roasted rice flour used to make puttu is coarse rice flour, and you can find puttu podi in Indian grocery stores. You can make puttu with rice flour, wheat flour, tapioca flour, semolina, ragi flour, or oats. The main taste maker in puttu is freshly grated coconut. Puttu and kadala curry is simple, satisfying, the very definition of comfort food.

The star ingredient in both puttu and kadala curry is coconut. Roasted coconut adds a unique flavor and crunch to the kadala curry. Grated coconut is mixed with rice flour to make puttu or steamed rice cake. Coconut is healthy food and if you are looking for some healthy options, try incorporating coconut into your diet.

When compared to beige-colored chickpeas, the black ones are rich and nutritious with high fiber content. Black chickpeas take more time to cook, so it is always good to soak the black chickpeas overnight and pressure cook them till soft and tender. Like to try this authentic Kerala breakfast? Get your ingredients together and try this recipe, you will surely love it.

How to make Puttu/ Kerala Steamed Rice cakes?

Rice flour (puttu podi)- 2 cup
Coconut grated - 1 cup
Sugar- 2 tsp
salt- 1/3 tsp
water as needed

Take rice flour in a bowl and rub in 3/4 grated coconut using your palm. Set aside the rest of the coconut for later use.

Mix sugar and salt in 1/3 cup of water and sprinkle it little by little, into the flour and blend well. The rice flour coconut mixture should resemble wet sand with no lumps.  To check whether the moisture is even,  take a handful, and press it into the form of balls. It should hold together and also easily break off when crumbled. Keep this mixture covered as it tends to dry out. If it dries out,  sprinkle more water.
Take the puttu maker and fill the bottom layer with a teaspoon of grated coconut. Fill in with the moist flour and finally top with another layer of grated coconut. Bring three cups of water to boil in the pressure cooker and place the steamer carefully in the nozzle and allow it to cook. Let it steam for around four to five minutes till you see steam escaping from all sides on the top. Carefully push the puttu out of the puttu maker from the back using a wooden ladle.

Kadala Curry Recipe

Kadala/Black chickpeas- 1 cup
Onion- 2 medium
Shallots chopped- 1/2 cup
Tomato- 1 medium
Coconut- 1 cup
Ginger garlic paste- 1 1/2 tsp
Coconut sliced- 3 tbs
Dry red Chilly 5-6
Coriander seeds- 1 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/3 tsp
Garam masala- 1/2 tsp
Green chilly- 2
Curry leaves
salt to taste
Coconut oil- 2 tbs

Soak chickpeas for 6 hours or overnight. Pressure cook the soaked chickpeas with enough salt, two green chilly, and half the sliced onion. Cook until five whistles and let the pressure release naturally. For the Instant pot, cook at high pressure for 25 minutes and let the pressure release naturally.
In a frying pan roast coriander seeds, dry red chilly, and coconut till dark brown. Allow to cool and make a fine paste.
Heat a pan and saute coconut slices till golden brown, and add sliced onions and chopped shallots. Saute and fry till it is almost caramelized and light brown. Add turmeric, ginger garlic paste, curry leaves, and saute for one more minute, followed by finely chopped tomatoes. When tomatoes are soft, and the oil separates, add the cooked chickpeas along with its water and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes. Add the ground coconut paste and simmer for two minutes or till the gravy thickens. Sprinkle garam masala and fresh curry leaves and mix well. Serve with puttu.

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    US Masala

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    btw,You have a great place here..!!

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  30. Thanks all for stopping by and for the lovely comments.

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