Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Independence Day

India is celebrating 66th Independence Day.
Wishing all my friends and readers Happy Independence Day!

On this occasion I salute all those great men and women of India who cherished,dreamed, visualized and dared to act!
I salute all those who were the first to lead the movement and all those who followed their lead.
I salute the father who inspired his sons and daughters to follow his footsteps of sacrifice and courage.
I salute the mother who cheerfully sacrificed sons and daughters knowing very well that she will have to spent the rest of her life in misery and loneliness.
I salute those who left lucrative post,titles and kingdoms and all those men and women who gave their daily wages knowing well that their kids will have to remain hungry.
I salute all those men who marched peacefully with leaders in large groups during the day time but many times had to spent painful nights suffering and lonely in prisons.Their agony was unknown, their wounds unattended,their stories were never written down, but they still dared to dream,not for themselves but for the millions of their future generation.

All their cherished dreams and visions became a reality on 15 August 1947 or at least let's say that their dream for a free India became a reality.

Happy Independence Day!


  1. A heartfelt post... Happy Independence Day to u...

  2. A Heart touching!!! Happy Independence day to u dear.

  3. Very nice post dear. Happy Independence day.

  4. Nice post. I wish the present day politician would realise the sacrifices made by those who got us freedom - at least today - and put the country back on rails.


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