Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pazham Nirachathu

Pazham Nirachathu

Pazham Nirachathu is a yummy snack from North Kerala. It is whole plantains stuffed with a sweet coconut filling, dipped in batter and fried. It is similar to pazham pori and kids will surely love this.

Whole plantains-2
All purpose flour/maida- 1/2 cup
Rice flour- 2 tbs
salt- a pinch
Sugar- 1 tbs

For the filling
Coconut- 1/3 cup
Sugar- 3 tbs
Ghee- 1 tsp
Cardamon- 1/3 tsp
Raisins- a few
Chopped cashew nuts- 4-5
( I also used 1 tsp dates and 1 tsp candied pineapple)

Heat ghee in a pan and roast cashew nuts and raisins till golden brown. Add coconut and sugar and stir for a minute and set aside. Allow this mixture to cool.
Make a medium consistency batter with maida,rice flour, salt and sugar and water. Keep aside.
Peel plantains and making a long shallow slit lengthwise ,leaving one inch towards both edges.  The slit should reach the center and carefully remove the black seeds. Stuff in the filling mixture.
Heat oil in a pan (or shallow fry with ghee), dip the stuffed banana in the batter and deep fry in low medium flame till all sides are golden brown. Serve with tea.

Try this
Hope you will all enjoy!


  1. Yummy.. Kidilan. kandittu kothiyavunnu.

  2. Yumm ..that looks delicious !! Drooling here dear :)

  3. Love this very much . Pazham pori looks delicious dear.


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