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Bread Cups with Tangy Spicy Corn

Bread Cups with Tangy Spicy Corn

Bread cups is a quick snack or appetizer. This is a fun filled recipe and kids will love this. You can be creative and use any kind of filling-vegetables, spinach,egg, meat or tuna stuffing. I usually make this with less spicy meat filling for my kids lunch box.Here I used a tangy and spicy corn and it is baked in a muffin tin.
The crust is bread dough, but for a quicker version you can cut bread slices into rounds and press down into muffin tins to make the cups.
For the bread

Flour - 2 cup
Yeast - 1 1/2 tsp
Warm water- 3/4 cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Sugar- 1 tsp
oil - 2 tsp
melted butter- 2 tsp

For the filling
Frozen Corn kernels- 1 cup
Chopped onion- 1/2 onion
Chopped tomato-1 medium
Garlic- 2 clove
Egg yolk-1
Pepper and salt as per taste
Butter- 1 tsp
Parmesan cheese- 2 tbs
Chopped coriander or parsley

For the bread mix in sugar and warm water and add yeast and set aside for 5-6 minutes till it is frothy. Mix together flour and salt,yeast, oil and butter to knead to form a smooth soft dough. Cover with damp cloth and let it rest to raise for one hour or till it doubles its size.

To make the filling: Heat a pan and add butter followed by chopped garlic and onions.Saute for a minute till the onion slightly changes color. Add tomatoes and saute till  it gets soft. Toss in corn,pepper and salt and mix well and if there is liquid allow it to dry. Remove into a bowl and allow to cool. When it is time for the filling add parmesan cheese, one beaten egg yolk,chopped coriander leaves and mix.

When the dough is ready press down to release the air and smoothen it. Using a rolling pin flatten it into a square. Cut equal 4 1/2 inch  circles.  Grease muffin tin with butter and place each circle and press this one the bottom and up the sides of each muffin cup. Place spoonfuls of filling and  bake in 375 degree f  for about 20 minutes. Allow this to cool for a few minutes. Slightly run a knife along the edges and slowly lift out of the muffin tin.

Try this
Hope you will all enjoy!


  1. this looks wonderful deliciously done

  2. Love this healthy stuffed buns, looks cute :-)

  3. Bread cup adipoli Suja, I love to it make it some time.

  4. wonderfully done Suja. This is much better than making them into stuffed buns.

  5. Wonderful cups..deliciously done suja.

  6. I luv the flower patter on top. Very beutiful and I am sure sounds delcious too the recipe.

  7. Excellent Suja. Very tempting cups dear, drooling now.

  8. wow so cute they look, bread cups - what an innovative name chechi :) yum

  9. This looks so very tempting Suja.

  10. nice cute cups... me too try this with bread.. lovely snaps and snack
    Noel collections

  11. With some salads,these bread cups goes prefect for my dinner tonite.

  12. wow!! superbly done!! yummmm..

  13. really luking so cute n yummy too..plzzz visit my New FACEBOOK page

  14. adipoli suja....very creative dear...wud love some meat filling in t

  15. Absolutely tempting Suja..The cups looks cute and inviting as always..

  16. hi suja, tangy and spicy is a real treat for my taste buds.. delicious , love this kind of ingredients.
    have a nice day

  17. so delicious and so picture perfect!!!
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  18. Superb idea, looks really yummy..

  19. Cute & super tempting bread cups and the filling sounds so delicious! Lovely idea, Suja!

  20. Thanks all for stopping by and for the sweet comments :)

  21. These definitely are on my must try list..very adorable and unique.

  22. This is good recipe to make food interesting.


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