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Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid

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Masala Peanuts - Spiced Peanut Snack

Masala Peanuts- Spiced Peanut snack - Spicy Groundnuts
Masala peanuts are the ever popular Indian snack made with peanuts and coated with a spicy chickpea flour batter. It is a zesty, crunchy snack, deep-fried to crispy golden. I love the simplicity of these old fashioned snack recipes. Many of these get overlooked for fancier ones in bakeries, but there are times you crave for something simple, crispy and spicy. This delightful vegan snack is a perfect combination of heat and spice. It tastes just like the store brought ones and you will be surprised how easy it is to make them at home. It is a versatile recipe for snacking at home or as a party treat or as a cocktail snack.
I love making these peanuts in big batches and just keeping them handy. But trust me they will be gone before you realize. It is so addictive! Back home my mom stocks up on these types of goodies almost whenever we have guests at home. Masala peanuts invoke nostalgic memories of childhood. Back then Sunday evening…

Pandan Crepe with Sweet Coconut Filling

Pandan Crepe with Sweet Coconut Filling
Do you like crepes for breakfast or as a dessert? Crepes have always been a fun breakfast option at home and mom makes ones with jaggery, sweet coconut or caramelized banana. It was also my choice when I want a quick dessert, not overly sweet, but the right amount of sweetness to satisfy sweet cravings. Today's recipe is just your basic crepe recipe with an Asian twist. It looks and tastes exotic with the beautiful aroma of coconut milk and Pandan extract. The coconut filling is also flavored with the beautiful aroma of Pandan leaves.
Pandan Crepes is a rolled-up dessert with beautiful vibrant color. The filling is sweetened coconut with palm sugar and the color is all natural from pandan extract. It is delicate and thin. Biting into the soft buttery crepe with sweet coconut filling is a gratifying experience, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Pandan Crepes is called Kuih Dada/ Dadar gulung and is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singa…

Kerala Beef Vindaloo- Anglo-Indian Recipe

Kerala Beef Vindaloo Vindaloo is often synonymous with fiery, bold, pungent curries. It is one Indian curry that needs no introduction. It is lip-smacking delicious, tenderly cooked meat in a spicy gravy. It is almost pickle like with flavor of vinegar and ground mustard. But again, the perfect vindaloo curry strikes the right balance with chilies, aromatic spices, and vinegar- a perfect balance of acidity, spicy heat, and flavor of earthy spices.
Authentic Goan Vindaloo is made with pork, but you can also use beef or mutton. Vindaloo may sound complicated, but it is an easy recipe. You can make a restaurant-style curry right in your kitchen. Today I am sharing two ways to cook this recipe. The traditional slow-cooked stove top recipe and an Instant pot recipe. Recently I have been making this curry in Instant pot and it comes out perfect each time.
Beef Vindaloo is a quintessential dish for Christmas feasts in Kerala. It is popular among Christians and the Anglo-Indian community. I lov…

Rose Cham Cham Recipe- Bengali Diwali Sweet

Cham Cham - Bengali Sweet
Happy Diwali to all my friends and readers! The festival season is here and I am here to share with you a delicious sweet for Diwali. We have already decked up our home for the festival of lights and no celebrations are complete without sweets and desserts. Like most Indians, I love shopping for colorful diyas and sweets when it is Diwali time. Walk into an Indian store and you will be amazed at the astounding variety of Indian mittais or sweets confectioners in all textures, shapes, and color. Do you like Indian sweets? For me these colorful decadent treats are irresistible.

The recipe I am sharing today is an easy recipe that you can easily make at home. Cham Cham or chom chom is a Bengali delicacy. Cham cham invokes the nostalgia of one of my favorite cities -Calcutta and its rich vibrant culture. Calcutta is beautiful with its magnificent British-era colonial buildings, slow-moving trams, street vendors, temples and festivals. As you get to know the city …

Easy Quinoa Egg Bhurji - Spicy Indian Scrambled Eggs

Easy Quinoa Egg Bhurji - Spicy Indian Scrambled Eggs- Keto Diet

Are you looking for a healthy and filling breakfast? How about scrambled eggs- Indian street food style. Eggs are a good source of protein and I love to include eggs for breakfast. It helps fuel your day and keeps you satisfied until lunchtime. Add some protein-rich, turmeric spiced quinoa to the egg bhurji and you'd be surprised at how simple and filling, this dish can be. Quinoa, as you all know, is a superfood- gluten-free and rich in fiber. Recently I have been trying Keto and Mediterranean diet and have included eggs for breakfast at least three times a week. If you are following Keto or Mediterranean diet, give this spicy quinoa scrambled eggs a try. It is really good!
This recipe is my take on the classic egg bhurji. It is delicious and super easy to make. Egg bhurji is also a cherished street food dish in India and it is usually served with bread or pav buns. The beautiful aroma of melted ghee, fluffy scrambled…

Prawns Ghee Roast - Mangalorean Spicy Prawns Masala

Prawns Ghee Roast -Mangalorean Spicy Prawns Masala
Today's recipe is an aromatic and extremely flavorful Prawns ghee roast. It is a popular seafood delicacy of Mangalore. If you love indulging in spicy exotic food, then you don't want to miss on this yummy prawns masala. It is lip-smacking delicious with the right balance of heat and flavor. The magic ingredients are the earthy spices and flavorful ghee or clarified butter.

Mangalore is a food lovers paradise. It is a port city and the melting pot of several cultures and unique cuisines. I had been to Udupi and Mangalore and experienced a unique, diverse culture. Their spicy seafood delicacies will make you crave for more. We had hearty meals and the food was excellent. It got me intrigued by this cuisine and I wanted to recreate some at home. I have already posted recipes like Chicken ghee roast and Mangalore fish curry.

The cuisine of coastal regions like Mangalore has fish as an indispensable part of an everyday meal. Ther…
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