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Goan Fish Curry

Goan Fish Curry
Goan curries have a blend of fiery spices, flavor, and texture. This fish curry is creamy and delicious with coconut milk or smoothly ground coconut paste as its base. Xiti codi the Goan term for fish curry and rice. If you are looking for a dish that is not overly complex but gives you an exotic eating experience, you need to try this fish curry. I found this recipe from the worn-out pages of an old cookbook and now this is one of my top favorite recipes. It will be ready in 30 minutes and is packed with a different layer of flavors.
South India is blessed with a long coastline and you get fresh fish all the time. It has in no small way affected the very fabric of our every day lives. Fish curry is an integral part of the everyday meal. But of course, there are regional varieties and flavors. What I like about the Goan fish curry is that it has a similar coconut base gravy like the Kerala fish curry. Goa has an exotic range of seafood delicacies. If you are trying you…

Pineapple Chicken

Pineapple chicken
 Pineapple chicken stir fry is an easy recipe that can be made in a jiffy. This is an adaption of Thai pineapple chicken but with no gravy. It tasted wonderful with bite sized chicken pieces, sweet pineapples and bell peppers. This was not the authentic Thai dinner. For me it was a side dish for fried rice.

Boneless chicken pieces - 1 lb
Pineapple cubes- 3/4 cup
Corn starch- 2 tbs
Bell pepper- 1 ( or a combo of different colors)
white onion- 1 medium
Garlic 3 -4cloves
Oyster sauce- 11/2 tsp
Soya sauce- 2 tbs
Vinegar- 1 tsp
Garlic-chilly pepper sauce- 1 1/2tsp
sugar- 1tsp
Honey - 1tsp
Oil- 3 tsp

Cut chicken pieces into bite size chunks. Mix with corn starch and salt and set aside.Drain out the water from pineapple and keep aside( I used canned ones)
Heat oil in a wok or a heavy pan and add minced garlic and saute it for about 30 to 40 seconds and add in the chicken pieces and fry for about four minutes till chicken is browned up and crunchy. Remove from…

Milk Peda Sweet- Indian Milk Fudge

Milk peda Sweet- Indian Milk Fudge
Milk peda or khoya sweet is quintessential Indian sweet or mithai made on all special occasions. No festive occasion is complete without these small round discs of milky creamy delight. They are commonly distributed in temples as prasad, or a religious offering of food The richness and flavor of this sweet, soft fudge is truly divine. Along with the richness of milk, this sweet is gently laced with the flavor of cardamom and saffron. This is so addictive and the best you can ever imagine!
Peda is my all-time favorite sweet. It has a soft and slightly chewy texture and is made with mawa or milk solids. During my years in college, my friends and I would eagerly wait for the food truck that comes to campus every Wednesday. Everyone lines up for ice cream. But there are a few of us that join a small line for peda and palkova (the south Indian milk fudge). Now it does not mean that I don't like ice creams. But I simply love nibbling this tasty, milky f…

Vazhuthanenga/ Eggplant Theeyal

Vazhuthananga Theeyal
Theeyal is a spicy side dish made with roasted coconut. It is very aromatic and can be made with vegetables like eggplant, bitter gourd,drumsticks and several other vegetables. Prawns theeyal is also very popular and one of my favorites. This curry is only made occasionally as it cannot be made in a jiffy.It is time consuming especially cleaning and slicing of shallots which is the main ingredient and roasting the coconut. Still this flavorful curry is one of the favorites with my family. Here I am using baby eggplants.

Baby Egg plants- 8-10
Shallots sliced- 1 1/2  cup
Shredded coconut- 3/4 cup
Tomato - 1
Green chilly -2
Ginger chopped- 3 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
Chilly powder- 1 1/2 tsp
Coriander  powder- 2 tsp
Pepper powder- 1/3tsp( optional)
Fenugreek powder- 1/3 tsp
Tamarind- gooseberry size ball
Curry leaves- 1 spring
Salt to taste

Roast coconut with one tsp of chopped shallots till brown but not burned. Just before switching off the…

Ada Pradhaman/Payasam

Ada Pradhaman (updated pic)
Today is a day of celebration. Like all proud daughters around the world I too am celebrating  this day... Fathers Day. I know that all love and respect their fathers and we do not need a special day or occasion to think about our loving and caring parents. But still I love to celebrate life, cherish each wonderful moments, pick up all the small happiness that comes in my way and smile..hurray! here is a hand full...that is what dad taught me or to say that is what I learned from him.

I would love to celebrate this day for two important persons in my life..My Dear Dad and My Dear Husband. My husband like my dad is a wonderful and caring father of our three year old son.The father and son make a great combo and are enjoying life to the fullest...sports, games,dancing and singing it is all joy and laughter around and I cannot help remembering how me and sister enjoyed with our dad when we were young.I know that years later my son would have the…

Berry Cake

This is a berry cake which I made a few days back. Here I used white cake recipe but dashed in a few black berries and strawberries. This cake complements any type of filling or frosting but I have just dusted it with powdered sugar to make it an accompaniment with coffee and my family really enjoyed this cake . I used self rising flour but you can use all purpose flour instead by adding in one third tsp of salt and one and one half tsp of baking powder to each cup of plain flour.

Self Raising flour- 2 cups
Egg white- 3 eggs ( half Cup)
Butter - one stick ( 4 ounce)
Sugar- 1 cup 
Confectionery sugar- 1/3 cup
Milk- 1/2 cup 
Vanilla essence- 2 tsp
Black berries- 1 pint
Strawberries - 1/2cup

Preheat oven to 350 F. Set rack in he middle of the oven
Grease pan with butter and layer with parchment paper and again grease with butter and dust with flour. This will ensure that the cake comes off properly. Set aside. 
Beat egg whites and vanilla extract until light and fluffy and keep aside.

Karimeen Pollichathu/ Kerala Pearl Spot Fish Fry

Karimeen Pollichathu or Pearl spot fish fry is one of the authentic dish of Kerala. It is a sort of grilled fish in a spicy and tangy gravy. This seems to be the most famous dish among the tourists who visits Kerala especially if you go to regions like Alleppey. This fish delicacy is among the fabulous food served in houseboats as you take a ride enjoying the beauty of Kerala backwaters. Pollichathu means burnt fish. This fish is wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. Different regions have different versions.There is yet another method of steaming the fish. I used the tawa instead. The gravy should be a bit tangy and you may use either kokum, tamarind or tomatoes.  You will surely love this fish fry.

Marinating and frying

Pearl Spot fish- 2
Chilly powder- 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder 1/3 tsp
Pepper powder- 1/3 tsp
Lemon juice- 1 tsp
Salt- to taste
oil to fry

For the masala gravy
Shallots chopped- 1 cup
Tomatoes - 2 medium
Green chilly - 2
Curry leaves chopped- 2 springs

Peechinga Chemeen Curry/Ridge gourd Shrimp Curry

Ridge gourd or peechinga is a very common vegetable in most Indian household. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol . It is good to introduce this vegetable in your diet if you wish to achieve weight loss. This is a very simple and quick recipe with very little ingredients and one of the favorites with my in laws. You can also use the same recipe for a vegetarian version..add Bengal gram or green gram instead of shrimp.

Tender Ridge gourd- 2 medium
Coconut- 1/2 cup
Shrimp- 1/2 lb
Shallots- 3-4
Green chilly- 3
Garlic pod- 1
Turmeric- 1/3 tsp
Mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves- 1 spring
Oil for tempering
Salt to taste

Clean and cut ridge gourd into small pieces after scrapping off its hard edges with a peeler.
Cook shrimp along with turmeric, green chilly, salt and 1/3 cup of water. When it is almost done add in the ridge gourd pieces and cover it with a tight lid and cook in medium . No need to add more water as the vegetable will shed water and will be cooked. Grind coconut with …

Avocado Mousse

Avocado mousse is a sweet and refreshing summer treat. The soft and creamy texture of avocado makes it a favorite choice for desserts. You will love this wonderful mousse. For me it was a perfect treat for a weekend brunch :) This recipe is super easy and resembles the Persian cream recipe (yaa we owe to the French cuisine for this fluffy,airy dessert). It is absolutely no cooking and all you need is a food processor to blend in all the ingredients and cool it. Mine was not a very smooth paste as I was a bit lazy then.  I did not use gelatin as this mousse naturally attains a thick fudge like texture, but you can use gelatin if you wish to bind the mousse into desired shapes.

Avocado - 2 large
Cold heavy cream- 1cup
Condensed milk- 1/3 cup
Confectionery sugar- 3-4 tsp
Lemon Juice- 1 whole

Whip cold cream with sugar till it stands in medium stiff peaks and put it back in the refrigerator.
Cut avocado into half, and scoop out the fleshy part. Put it in a food processor along with …

Cauliflower Roasted-Low Carb Pan Seared

Cauliflower Roasted-Low Carb Pan Seared
Cauliflower roast  is a quick and simple dish. This is a hassle-free recipe with very few ingredients which you can whisk up in no time. Cauliflower is one vegetable I buy almost every week and cook them in several different ways. Are there days when you are craving for lighter dinner options? There are days when I like to do elaborate cooking and then there are days when I like to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. Well in days when I want dinner in a jiffy, cauliflower is always a favorite option and during peak seasons this vegetable is insanely inexpensive.

Cauliflower is a lovely vegetable, packed with a rich supply of nutrients, vitamin c, folate, and anti-oxidants. It is a gluten-free low carb substitute for potato and rice. The best way to prepare cauliflower is roasting it. It brings out the nutty sweetness of the vegetable and complements well with any spicy meal. Here I have used a pan searing/ stir fry technique to roa…

Avalose unda ( Ari Unda)/ Rice Balls

Avalose unda (update pic)
Ari unda/Avalose unda meaning rice balls is a traditional sweet of Kerala. It is made with very little ingredients but has a wonderful aroma of roasted rice, coconut and cardamon.The sweetener used for this recipe is jaggery. Avalose podi is a snack by itself, you can mix add chopped banana and have it for tea. For Avalose unda you mix it with jaggery and make it into balls/ladoos.It is usually made by dry roasting matta or chemba rice till brown and then making a fine powder of it. I have instead used a shortcut which my mom uses as it was difficult for me to pound the rice.It came out well and my family was able to enjoy the traditional taste of ari unda.
For me this sweet invokes lots of childhood memories. As children we used to sit around joyfully watching grandmother and aunts busy roasting, pounding and mixing rice and jaggery to make these laddos. It is made in large quantities on festive occasions like Onam and Vishu. This has a long shelf life. U…

Beetroot Thoran

Beetroot root thoran is a simple and easy side dish which goes well with rice. Thoran is an easy stir fry recipe of vegetables with coconut and there are endless varieties of thoran in Kerala. Many do not like beetroot due to its raw flavor. But once cooked this raw flavor disappears. Back home beetroot is made either as pachadi or as thoran. This thoran is made adding either Bengal gram or green gram . It has a good flavor and taste and is nutritious as well.

Prep and cooking time- 20 minutes
Recipe Type- Side dish
Cuisine- Kerala/ South Indian


Beetroot- 2 medium
Bengal gram split - 1/2 cup
Coconut- 1/2 cup
Green chilly- 2
Turmeric powder- 1/3 tsp
Cumin - 1/3 tsp
Chilly powder- 1/2 tsp
Garlic - 2 pods
Mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp
Shallots- 2
Curry leaves- 2 springs

Cook kadala or gram until it becomes soft but not mushy and keep it aside.
Note: Adding Kadala parippu is optional. 
Chop beetroot finely into small pieces using a kitchen chopper or food processor.
( You can also …

Ethapazham Stew

Ethakka/Ethapazham stew is a sweet curry or a sweet stew made with ripe plantain and is usually served as a  breakfast curry. This is my mom's favorite and this is a nice combo with appam. The main ingredients is plantain and thick coconut milk.
Small rice balls are also added which helps to thicken the gravy. It is very easy recipe and has a delicate flavor and taste. For those who do not like to have non-veg curries as breakfast this will be a great option.

Ripe plantain- 1 
Thin coconut milk- 3/4 cup
Thick coconut milk- 1/2 cup 
Rice flour- 1/2 cup
Sugar- 2 tsp
salt- a pinch
raisins- 5-6
ghee- 1/2 tsp
cardamon powder- 1/3 tsp

Cut ripe plantain into cubes and keep aside.
Take rice flour in a bowl and add one tsp of sugar and a pinch of salt. Bring half a cut of water to a boil and pour it into the rice flour. Mix well and keep aside. This can be used to make the balls.
Heat ghee in a pan and add raisins and allow them to pop( adding raisins is optional). Now add plantain and …

Masala Fish Fry and Lovely Awards

Masala fish fry is a very tasty fish preparation. It has great aroma of poppy seeds, sesame seeds,coconut and curry leaves. This one is inspired from a TV show but I have brought certain changes to the original one . The recipe actually uses gram masalas, coriander powder and tamarind paste but I used green chilly, curry leaves and lemon juice and only a little of fennel seeds instead of garam masala. This came out very tasty and flavorful which my family enjoyed.

Fish - 1/2 lb
Poppy seeds- 2 tsp
Sesame seeds- 1 tsp
Coconut shredded- 1 tsp
Onion- 1 small
Ginger- 1 inch
Garlic- 4-5 pods
Green chilly- 3
Chilly powder- 1/2 tsp
Turmeric- 1/3 tsp
Pepper powder- 1/3 tsp
lemon juice- 1/2 lemon
fennel powder- 1/3 tsp
corn flour- 1 tsp
salt to taste
Curry leaves- 2 springs
Oil for frying

Cut and clean the fish and marinate it with chilly powder, turmeric powder and salt and set aside for 10 minutes.
Dry roast poppy seeds till it attains a nice aroma and add sesame seeds and roast it also. Keep asid…
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