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Mexican Tuna Salad

Mexican Tuna Salad
Tuna salad can be served as an appetizer with crackers or spread on bread to make a terrific sandwich or wrap.If you like fish this salad with fresh and zesty flavors is a must try. Tuna salad is quick, protein rich and healthy salad that can also be served as a main dish salad.It is a simple salad with cooked or canned tuna, fresh greens,avocado and a zesty mayo dressing.Mix them all together and you whip up a quick and easy meal for your family.

I cook fish almost everyday,but mostly it is curried,fried or grilled fish.But fish in salad was something I did not want to try for a long time. But I was amazed when tried for the first time,now I make this at least once in a week.Tuna salad sandwich is one of my kids favorite sandwich.

Our local supermarket has frozen tuna,but you can make the easy way with canned tuna.You can add more veggies like cucumber,bell pepper,celery, carrot, peas etc. Since I am making for my kid who is a picky eater,keeping mine simple w…

Spicy Stuffed Eggplant-Mediterranean Diet

Spicy Stuffed Eggplant
Today's recipe is meat stuffed spicy eggplant inspired from Lebanese and Turkish Cuisine. Recently I am trying  lot of stuffed dishes with chicken,squid and fish. This stuffed eggplant is now one of my top favorites. Eggplant is a versatile veggie and cooked in the right way, you can create innumerable recipes with it.Fried or baked eggplant is tender and tasty and goes well with rice. If you are not a great fan of eggplant/aubergine, try this stuffed version.It is insanely good and I am sure will change the way you think about this humble veggie.

Stuffed eggplant is great as a main course dish. You can serve it with rice,bread or with fresh salad and you have a satisfying dinner. Recently I have been trying a Mediterranean diet and this dish is perfect and filling with veggie salad. It is also perfect when you have guests as it is filling and makes a pretty presentation.In Turkish and Mediterranean region Karniyarik is an imperial dish fit for a King or ch…

Prawns and Vegetable Stew

Prawns and Vegetable Stew
Prawns and vegetable stew is quick and easy to make.It is made with generous amount of coconut milk, and has a delicate flavor and great taste. Spicy chills and earthy spices gives the right balance of sweet, spice and flavor. Stew made with coconut milk is one of the quintessential dishes of Kerala cuisine. Appam and stew is a  popular breakfast recipe. Appam and chicken stew is served as first course at wedding parties. This is a classic one you will never get tried of eating.

 Mild, creamy and flavorful stew eaten out of the bowl  with soft bread is an absolutely comforting meal. It is my go to especially on cold winter evenings.It is simple enough to make for a weekday dinner, this curry barely takes 10 minutes to make.You can use a combination of vegetables like potatoes, sweet potato,peas,beans, carrots or any vegetable of your choice.You can also experiment with different flavors like adding Thai curry paste for a different flavor and taste. You can…
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