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Easy Fish Pulao/ Indian Fish Pilaf- Pomfret Fish and Rice

  Easy Fish Pulao/ Indian Fish Pilaf- Pomfret Fish and Rice Fish Pulao/ Indian Fish Pilaf is a yummy, finger-licking good, rice recipe. Do you like easy one-pot meals with rice? There is no denying the fact that chicken and rice is the most popular when it comes to soul-satisfying and filling meals. But if you are a fish lover like me, you will love this pulao. Fish and rice have an affinity for each other and is a comforting meal. It is just like your favorite fish biryani, but a milder version. This delicious fish pulao/pilaf is no- fuss, homey weekend meal. My ideal weekend meal would be a one-pot meal, and if you are like me, this dish is a perfect example of a quick meal.  The first time I tasted a fish pulao/Ilish Pulao was in Calcutta. Ever since I, have been trying different versions, but I guarantee you this one is the easiest of all. The fish pieces are fried till golden before adding to the rice along with earthy spices to make a fragrant pulao. The rice gets cooked in the f

Thenga Mittai/ Easy Coconut Burfi- Diwali Sweet

  Thenga Mittai/ Easy Coconut Burfi- Diwali Sweet  The festive season is already here. Diwali festival, the festival of lights, is one of my favorite times of the year. How is the Diwali planning coming along for everyone? It is exactly a week for Diwali, and I am here to share some easy to make Diwali sweets.  Tengai mittai is a traditional sweet made on festive occasions and is pure coconut indulgence. It reminds me of the tiny coconut candy squares that you find in small street shops in Kerala. It invokes the childhood nostalgia of sweet treats that you buy on your way to school, with the meager pocket money that you have. Well, now you can make them at home! To make this mittai/ burfi, all you need is freshly grated coconut, sugar, and some milk, preferably coconut milk. It is simple and unassuming, sweet but tastes divine. Mittais are bite-sized Indian confectioneries made with milk, nuts, or coconut. If you love coconuts, you will find this mittai/burfi an absolute treat. Born an