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Bacon Cheese Balls- Easy Appetizer

Bacon Cheese Balls Today's recipe is a quick and easy appetizer or snack. You can make this ahead of time and it freezes like a charm. It is a great time saver if you are planning a get-together. Are you are looking for delightful crispy snacks for entertaining or a game-day snack? Then why not try this yummy bacon cheese balls. This is one of the most requested ones at home and my kid loves this so much. I make it sometimes for his school lunch and it is always a hit. It is so addictive! Trust me it will be gone before you realize. I tried this for the first time at a friend's dinner party and loved the flavor profile of this snack. I have been making this for so many years now and experimenting with different flavors. If you wish to make variations, continue reading. I have listed down below different ways to make this recipe extra special. Experiment a little and find a flavor combo that makes your taste buds happy! Bacon cheese balls are deep-fried, bite-sized fi

Kada Mutta - Quail Eggs Pepper Fry

Kada Mutta - Quail Eggs Pepper Fry Today's recipe is a spicy and healthy quail egg fry with the spicy kick of black pepper. This recipe is all about keeping it simple- quick and easy to make and very appetizing. You can serve this as an appetizer, or serve with rice or laced pancake/appam. Gently fried quail eggs with sweet caramelized onions, fennel, curry leaves, and coconut oil add lots of flavors and it is finger-licking delicious. Quail eggs are my kid's new snacking favorite and are fun to eat. These dainty, pretty eggs are cute as well as nutritious. It is considered a delicacy in Kerala. There is a popular saying  “Aayiram kozhikku ara kaada”  or   half quail is equivalent to thousand chickens.   Now we don't need to take it in a literal sense but it just means that quail and quail eggs have lots of health benefits. Yes it is more nutritious than your regular eggs! No wonder it is making quite a stir in the health world. If you are looking for healthy o