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Karal Ularthiyathu/Mutton Liver Pepper Fry

Karal Ularthiyathu/Mutton Liver Pepper Fry Spicy liver fry or masala tastes delicious.This recipe is liver/karal Ularthu, which is a kind of stir fry. The liver is cooked first and then stir fried with the masala.You can also make chicken or meat using the same recipe.Usually thin slices of coconut is added to the ularthu,but here I have used grated coconut.The star ingredients in this recipe is crushed chilly flakes  and pepper, which gives a nice spice kick. This goes well with rice and chapathi. Ingredients Goat liver  - 1/2 Kg Shallots- 10-15 Ginger- 2  inch thick Garlic-2-3 Grated coconut - 1/2 cup (or thinly sliced coconut- 3 tbs) Pepper powder-1/2 tsp Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp Whole red chilly-5 (or according to spice tolerance) Coriander powder- 1/2 tsp Fennel seeds- 1/2 tsp Curry leaves Coconut oil Salt to taste Cut liver into small cubes. Rub with salt and turmeric powder and wash liver pieces thoroughly for at least

Pandan Butter Mochi/ Hawaiian Butter Mochi

Pandan Butter Mochi Buttery mochi cake is a comforting dessert, aromatic with the flavor of coconut and pandan in every bite. Have you ever had butter mochi before? Butter mochi is a delicious Asian-inspired dessert from Hawaii. It is full of tropical flavors that you cannot resist. Butter mochi is the Hawaiian version of the Japanese sweet rice cake/mochi. It is a gluten-free dessert made with sweet rice flour. Butter mochi reminds me of the sweet rice and coconut cakes my grandmother made when I was a kid. Butter Mochi has the same delightful chewy texture. Coconut milk gives it a rich creamy taste. This coconut-scented dessert is  pleasantly sweet and sure to leave you wanting more.  Butter Mochi is a quick recipe with simple ingredients like rice flour, coconut milk, and butter. Pandan adds vibrant color and a beautiful aroma. What is Pandan? Pandanus amaryllifolius is screw pine leaves used in Southeast Asian cuisine in sweet and savory recipes. It has a pleasant aroma lik

Bread Vada

Bread Vada Bread vada can be made with left over bread, it is an instant vada. It is a yummy tea time snack and can be made in a jiffy.This recipe is inspired from Mrs. Vahchef YouTube Channel. It is soft and spongy in the inside and crispy outside. It is mildly spiced and flavored with pearl onions,ginger and curry leaves. Try this, you will surely love it. Ingredients Bread slices- 8 Rava/Sooji- 3 tbs Rice flour- 2 tbs Chilly powder- 1/2 tsp (optional) Asafoetida/Hing- a pinch Yogurt -1/2 cup Pearl Onions- 4-5 Ginger finely chopped- 1 inch thick Curry leaves finely chopped- 1 spring Green chilly  finely chopped- 3 salt to taste Oil- 2 cup to fry   In a food processor pulse the bread till it becomes a course mixture. Transfer this into a bowl and add the rice flour,rava, salt, chilly powder and hing(asafoetida) and mix well. Into this add the yogurt and mix. Adjust consistency by adding little water. Do not add too much water,just enough to moist the bread

Kerala Beef Biryani

Kerala Beef Biryani Biryani is a glorious one pot meal,satisfying and delicious. It is an exotic dish prepared and served on all festive occasions. The rice and meat is gently spiced and flavored with earthy spices. Biryani is a one pot meal, but not easy (of course there is a quicker pressure cooker version! ), as prepping and making a good biryani is time consuming. But once in a while I do crave for Biryani  as a weekend dinner. I have already shared a lot of Biryani recipes in this blog. Here's one more to the list- it is a Kerala style beef biryani.  Ingredients To cook rice Kaima Rice- 3 cups Ghee- 1 tsp Fried onion- 2 tbs Salt- to taste Water- 6 cups Cinnamon- 2 inch clove- 4-5 Star Aniseed - 2 Green chilly -1 Chopped pineapple- 3 tbs Mint leaves- a few For the masala Beef - 1 kg Ghee- 3-4 tbs Shallots- 1 cup Green Chilly- 10 Ginger- 2 inch piece Garlic pods- 8-10 Tomato-3 small Carrot Cubed- 3/4 cup Chopped coriander leaves and mint- 1 tbs

Vietnamese Caramelized Fish with Basil

Vietnamese Caramelized Fish with Basil Vietnamese Caramelized fish is very different from the fish recipes I have tried. This recipe is inspired from here and a recipe I found in a South Asian cook book. Both recipes call for fish sauce, but I am not a fan of fish sauce. So if you are like me use dark soy sauce or oyster sauce.  This is crispy fish in sticky sweet and savory sauce flavored with basil. The traditional recipe is braising the fish in clay pot.The recipe calls for catfish, but you can try with other thinly sliced fish. Ingredients Fish - 1 1/2 lb Corn starch- 1 tsp Ginger- thinly sliced- 2 tsp Shallots sliced- 1/2 cup Garlic- 3 pods Green chilly-2 Basil leaves-a hand full Dark brown sugar/palm sugar- 3 tbs Fish sauce - 1 tsp (I used dark soy sauce- 1 tsp) Black pepper powder- 1 tsp Red Curry paste- 1 tsp (optional) Lemon grass powder- 1/4 tsp Galangal powder- 1/4 tsp Salt to taste Oil as needed Cut and clean the fish. Pat dry with a paper

Capsicum Kadumanga/ Easy Mango Pickle

Capsicum Kadumanga Kadumanga is indispensable in Kerala Sadhya. It is a spicy condiment made with green mangoes. Whenever we get raw mangoes I make a batch of Kadumanga which is a quick and instant mango pickle. Capsicum/bell pepper tastes yummy in pickles and has a unique flavor.This is not excessively spicy and makes a good accompaniment with rice. It can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.Try this you will surely love it. Cooking time- 25 minutes Recipe type-Pickle/Preserve Cuisine- Kerala/Indian Ingredients Raw mango chopped- 3cup Capsicum chopped- 2 cup Asafoetida- 1/2 tsp Fenugreek powder- 1/2 tsp Ginger thinly sliced- 1 tsp (optional) Garlic- 4-5 cloves Mustard seeds- 1 tsp+ 1/2 tsp Green chilly chopped- 4 Chilly powder- 2 1/2 tbs (Or according to your spice tolerance) Salt to taste Gingerly oil- 1/3 cup Curry leaves-2 springs Hot water- 1/2 cup Vinegar- 2 tbs (optional) Wash and wipe the mangoes dry, remove skin and chop into small pieces