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Butter Bun/ Cream Bun- Kerala Bakery Style

Butter Bun/ Cream Bun- Kerala Bakery Style There is always a nostalgic feeling when it comes to cozy old fashioned bakeries. They appeal to all ages and the goodies and confectioneries they offer are a die for! The cottage-style bakery near my home in India always invokes fond memories, especially those irresistible treats that adore the glass shelves. They are intriguing and capture your imagination as a child. Do you feel the same about your favorite bakery? Today's recipe is a delicious bakery snack.  It brings back fond memories of childhood favorite snacks. Over the years I have tried several sweets and desserts and oftentimes overlooked this simple snack for fancier ones. But during my trip to India last year, we stopped by at the old bakery. Freshly made butter buns behind the glass shelf's looked so tempting and it rekindled my childhood love for butter bun. I could not stop munching. Now I have one more reason to try it at home. My kiddo is now a fan of this sim