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Idiyappam and Pattani Curry/ String hopper with Dried Green Peas Curry- Kerala Breakfast Recipe

  Idiyappam and Pattani Curry- Kerala Breakfast Recipe  Are you looking for a healthy and comforting breakfast? Idiyappam/  string hoppers is a much-loved traditional breakfast of Kerala. String hoppers are healthy and a fun recipe to make. It is steamed rice noodles, delightfully soft and springy.  It tastes delicious with mild stews, vegetable kurma, or green peas curry. If you like to serve it as dinner, try spicy egg curry or chicken curry. It is simple, satisfying, the very definition of comfort food. You might be surprised to find out that it is super easy to make at home.  Today's recipe is my best go-to for making soft and fluffy idiyappam. It goes well with this delicious dried peas curry. The sauce is versatile and is good with any vegetable of your choice, lentils, or beans. The gravy consists of coconut milk and grounds coconut paste. It adds a nutty flavor and tastes like kurma. It is a delicious and healthy vegetarian/vegan recipe , that you will be coming back to aga

Coconut Pumpkin Halwa/ Pumpkin Dessert- Mathanga Varattiyathu

   Coconut Pumpkin Halwa/ Pumpkin Dessert- Mathanga Varattiyathu Fall is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite pumpkin recipes. We have been enjoying it this season in several ways, making pumpkin bread , muffins ,pies , and pancakes. Are you looking for dessert ideas with pumpkin? Then why not try a delicious halwa. The recipe I am sharing today is a sweet delicacy, a rustic confectionery from Kerala. It is one of the many traditional forgotten sweets of Kerala made with simple, locally available ingredients.  Rice and coconut are a staple in all traditional Kerala snacks and sweets. The sweetener can be regular sugar or jaggery. It is gently laced with the flavor of cardamom and ghee/clarified butter. Pumpkins are in season, and there is no better time to try this recipe. Making chakka vilayichathu/ Jack fruit preserve was a yearly tradition back home in Kerala. Vilayichathu/ Varattiyathu is a term used for something that is cooked and reduced like halwa. But a halwa with pumpkin