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Carrot Coconut Halwa- Gajar Halwa Recipe

 Carrot Coconut Halwa- Gajar Halwa Recipe   Hello dear readers! Are you eagerly looking forward to spring? Here in Ohio, it is still cold and snowing. Cold months call for comforting foods. Indulge yourself with warm delicacies like soups or baked puddings in chilly winter months. How about a bowl of warm carrot halwa? If you love decadent carrot cake, you will love this wholesome dessert. Gajar ka halwa/ Gajrela is a homey winter dessert from India. Carrot halwa is irresistible, with the flavor of caramelized carrots and the aroma of coconut and ghee. Carrots are sweeter in the winter months, and in India, carrot halwa is cooked, with red or purple carrots. Red and purple varieties of carrots are not widely available. You don't need to hit the roads or, scavenger hunt at the farmers market. Regular carrots are just fine and taste delicious. Halwa is a rustic confectionery and has a chewy texture. In India, halwa is an indispensable part of festive occasions. Carrot halwa has thr

Creamy Corn and Chicken Soup

Creamy Corn and Chicken Soup  Creamy corn and chicken soup is hearty, comforting, and loaded with delicious flavor. It is one of those feel-good dinners that keep you stay warm in cold winter months. This soup is hearty enough to be served on its own as a full meal, but you can enjoy it with a delicious salad, crusty bread, or steamed rice. The luscious creamy texture is pureed sweet corn , and it adds a natural sweetness to the soup. You can reduce the amount of cream and cut down on calories. Ginger, garlic, paprika, and pepper powder add a touch of savoriness. Creamy corn and chicken soup are tasty in their own right, and homemade chicken broth and fresh corn bring out the best flavor. It is always easy to make chicken broth at home. I will also share the recipe to make chicken broth that makes this soup extra delicious. If you are looking for a lazy day easy meal with pantry staples, there are also shortcuts to make an easy dinner. One of my favorite shortcuts is rotisserie chicke

Easy Jam and Bread Pudding- Homemade Mixed Fruit Jam Recipe

 Easy Jam and Bread Pudding- Homemade Mixed Fruit Jam Recipe Classic old-fashioned bread and jam pudding is a wonderfully satisfying no-fuss dessert. Bread pudding is a comforting dessert to treat your family on chilly winter evenings. If you have left-over bread, you can bake this delicious dessert in no time. It has a rich and creamy custard and the sticky sweetness from the jam. The pudding has a few simple ingredients and absolute comfort to dig in! Your whole family will love it, and they will even come back for seconds. I am also sharing the recipe for homemade mixed fruit jam with easy-to-make instructions. Homemade mixed fruit jam is delicious with so much flavor. It is so easy to make your jam with seasonal fruits of your choice, plus the added benefit is the quality and freshness of the fruits. Strawberry jam, plum jam, and raspberry jam taste delicious in bread pudding. Feel free to use whatever you have at hand. Bread pudding with layers of jam is beautiful and incredibly