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15 Easy-To-Cook Kerala Vishu Sadhya Recipes

Happy Vishu to all my friends and Readers! How is the Vishu Sadhya planning coming along for everyone? For all my Malayalee friends who are planning to celebrate this joyous festival, I am sharing a guide to preparing an easy  and tasty Sadhya. Vishu celebrations are real nostalgia, the fully blossomed Kani Konna trees (Cassia fistula), Vishu Kani, new clothes, and Sadhya. Vishu Kani is beautifully arranged the night before, and the sight you see on the morning of the New year brings luck throughout the year. Vishu celebration is not complete without the traditional vegetarian feast- Sadhya. It is served on a banana leaf, and there is a colorful array of vegetarian curries, rice, and desserts. Vishu Kanji, vishu katta or ada is served for breakfast. Sometimes non-vegetarian food is also part of the feast in some regions. In Southern Kerala, Vishu Sadhya is not so elaborate as the Onam sadhya. It is cooked with simple ingredients and seasonal vegetables. Mango, golden cucumber, jack f