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Crispy Masala Dosa-South Indian Crepes with Potato Filling/How To Ferment Dosa Batter In Instant Pot

    Crispy Masala Dosa-South Indian Crepes with Potato Filling Are you looking for a healthy and filling breakfast? Then why not try this classic Indian style crepe recipe. Dosa and sambar is a popular South Indian breakfast that everyone loves.  It is a comforting and homey breakfast.  Masala Dosa has a delicious potato filling and drizzled with a generous amount of ghee. The melted ghee/clarified butter makes it irresistibly appetizing. I grew up eating dosa for breakfast, and crispy dosa served with warm sambar is absolute comfort food. But sometimes, I love making a restaurant-style breakfast combo with crispy dosa and potato masala filling, vada , sambar , and chutney. It is a great way to start your day and keeps you satisfied until lunchtime! The recipe I am sharing today is my best go-to recipe to make crispy and tasty masala dosa at home. At least once a week, we make the batter to make idlis and dosas. To make dosas, the rice and lentils are soaked in advance, and the batte

Bengali Sweet Kachagolla/ Easy Paneer Ladoo

  Bengali Sweet Kachagolla/ Easy Paneer Ladoo  Kachagolla/paneer ladoos is a festive Bengali sweet that you can easily make at home. It is perfect for entertaining or for festive occasions like Holi and Diwali. It is luxurious milk sweet with a unique melt in the mouth texture. The most important ingredients of paneer ladoo are fresh chena/ or coagulated milk solids and sugar. Pranhara Kachagolla is light and mildly sweet when compared to other sweets and ladoos. It is always good to make it with homemade fresh paneer , but you can also make it with ricotta cheese. Kacha means raw or uncooked, so there is a little cooking process involved in making this ladoo. It is gently laced with the flavor of cardamom and rose water. Just one bite and these fragrant and exotic sweet will make you fall in love with it, and the best you can ever imagine! Calcutta is one of my favorite cities to travel to, and it is a foodies paradise. The food of Calcutta is an unforgettable experience, especially

Fruit chaat/ Indian Fruit Salad

  Fruit chaat/ Indian Fruit Salad Fruit chaat is a simple Indian style fruit salad that is easy to make and addictive! Indian fruit chaat has a surprising twist- a mild spice kick that is a delicious and fun way to enjoy fruits. For a south Indian like me, chaats are always associated, with North Indian street food. There are so many varieties of chaats and what makes it unique is the chaat masala. It adds a hint of spice and tang. The flavor that chaat masala adds to food is hard to recreate. It is a tangy, and peppy flavored spice mix. A little goes a long way, so add a pinch of this magic spice. Chilled fruit chaat has a cooling effect, especially during the hot summer months. It is a great eating experience and a perfect way to enjoy seasonal fruits. Fruit chaat is perfect for entertaining and is a light and filling snack or appetizer. Like the Mexican fruit salsa, you can serve it as a side with roasted or barbecued meat. This simple fruit salad is flavored with cumin, chaat masal

Easy Persimmon Custard Pudding

  Easy Persimmon Custard Pudding  Custard is an old fashioned dessert made with milk, sugar, and eggs. It is the quickest dessert you can ever make, and it is delicious and comforting. Fruit custard is my favorite when it comes to easy no-fuss dessert. Fruit flavored custard is the perfect last-minute dessert idea for entertaining. The basic custard recipe is simple, and it is versatile- you can use it in a million ways, like pastry cream, cake filling, and tarts. But the simplest way to serve the luscious creamy custard is chilled with chopped fruits or jelly. Persimmon pudding has a delectable fruity flavor and a creamy gel like consistency. The pudding is a great time-saver, and you can make it ahead of time. Your guests will be impressed. I have already shared a baked Easy Persimmon Pudding . Persimmon is in season during the fall and winter months, so there is no better time to try this recipe. Persimmon is exotic looking, with a deep orange color. When ripe, it has a distinctive

Delicious 7 Easy Appetizers- Indian Party Appetizers ( Non- Vegetarain)

   Delicious 7 Easy Appetizers- Indian Party Appetizers  Are you looking for appetizer ideas for entertaining? Appetizers never fail to impress, and everyone loves to get around the table, chat and nibble tasty appetizers. Kids will also love these delicious finger foods. So it is always a good idea to have a variety of options. Why not try some Indian inspired appetizers for your next gathering. Some of the most popular Indian party favorites are samosas , pakoras , spring rolls , vadas , panipuri, chaats, etc. The recipes I am sharing today are some that I made during the holidays. They are some re-imagined classics with an interesting twist. Here is a list of some of my go-to appetizers that have become a hit among family and friends, and I hope you will find them interesting. Persian Kotlet Persian kotlets is meat patties made with minced beef/chicken and grated potatoes. Ingredients Minced beef or chicken- 1 lb Potatoes- 2 medium Onion- 1 medium Egg-2 Turmeric- 1/3 tsp Pepp