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Crispy Thai Fried Bananas- Street Food Inspired Banana Fritters

Crispy Thai Fried Bananas- Street Food Inspired Banana Fritters Thai fried bananas/ Kluay Khaek is a must-try yummy Thai street food. Fritters are delightfully sweet to satisfy your sweet cravings, crispy and crunchy on the outside with the creamy soft inside. Batter-fried fruit is by no means uncommon. There are so many variations out there, and fried bananas with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or drizzled with chocolate syrup is a delicious treat. Thai bananas taste best on their own, the crispness is what makes them the best-tasting fried banana fitters out there. It is the batter that makes these fried bananas so delicious. The batter is not cakey, but light and crispy. Rice flour makes it light and crisp, and coconut milk adds flavor. Sesame seeds and freshly grated coconut add a delightful crunch. These fitters are not overly sweet but have enough sweetness to indulge with hot piping tea. Bananas are naturally sweet, and the small variety I have used here is sweet and flavor

Chicken Fry- Kodavu style (Coorg)

Chicken fry Kodavu style (Coorg) Kodavu Chicken fry is very yummy and easy to make chicken recipe. I love experimenting with chicken and one of my cousins shared this beautiful recipe last week. This delectable chicken fry is from Kodugu or Coorg. Coorg is a picturesque hill station and a dream destination. I had already tried the Coorg pepper pork. It had a unique taste and got me intrigued by this beautiful cuisine. I wanted to try this recipe and glad I tried.   The star ingredient in this recipe is kachampuli or Coorg vinegar. Kachampuli is a fruit-based vinegar. It is extracted from ripe fruits of garcinia gummi guttu, a sightly fermented dark syrup. This seems to be one predominant flavor in most Coorg recipe-the sourness from kachampuli. Coorg pepper pork, that I tried earlier also had kachampuli.I have grown up eating curries with kudampuli and the taste is so relatable. This chicken fry is beautifully balanced with the right combination of earthy spices and su

Meat Ball Curry/ Indian Spiced Kofta Curry- Delicious Tomato Gravy

Meat Ball Curry/ Indian Spiced Kofta Curry- Delicious Tomato Gravy Today's recipe is a delicious meatball/ kofta curry that goes well with rice, pulao, or naan. Tender meatballs simmered in a flavorful, spicy, and delicious tomato-based sauce. Keema is essentially ground/minced beef, lamb, or chicken, and koftas and kofta curries are party favorites. Meatballs are comfort food in many cuisines, and there are so many variations. This curry is inspired by the Moghul cuisine. If you want to try something different for dinner, why not this kofta curry. It is a great dish to serve when you have friends over for dinner. Kofta curry is worth try-juicy meatballs and rich tangy gravy enriched with aromatic spices is a die for! The first time I tried the kofta curry was in Delhi, and it was a rich curry with lots of fresh creams. The meatballs are cooked, over charcoal for a smoky flavor. So if you want that authentic flavor, try barbecuing the meatballs before adding to the gravy. I want