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Soft and Spongy Khaman Dhokla- Savory Gram Flour Steamed Cakes

   Soft and Spongy Khaman Dhokla- Savory Chickpea Flour Steamed Cakes Today's recipe is Khaman Dhokla- a healthy steamed savory cake made with gram flour/besan.  Are you looking for a healthy and filling breakfast? Then why not try this classic Gujarati breakfast. Khaman dhokla has a perfect spongy texture and is delightfully light and fluffy. The pretty yellow hue is from turmeric powder. It is a simple and unassuming snack, sweet and tangy, with a hint of spice. It is a guilt-free breakfast made with minimal ingredients and tastes delicious. These fluffy savory bites are also perfect for entertaining as a filling snack or appetizer. This recipe is an instant version with no fermenting and will be ready in under 30 minutes. Does this sound exciting? Then check the recipe, it is super simple. You are going to love this one! The first time I checked the recipe for dhokla, it sounded similar to South Indian idlis. Many Indian stores have snack bars where you can buy Khaman Dhokla. Th

Creamy Cauliflower and Peas Curry- Gobi Matar Masala

   Creamy Cauliflower and Peas Curry- Gobi Matar Masala  Are you looking for a simple vegetarian/ vegan curry to go with flatbread or rice? This curry is creamy and delicious with the roasted flavors from cauliflower . The sauce is versatile and is good with any vegetable of your choice, lentils, or beans. Cauliflower is always a favorite veggie option for me, and during the season, this vegetable is insanely inexpensive. The best way to prepare cauliflower is by roasting it. It brings out the nutty sweetness of the vegetable and complements well with any spicy meal. Here I have used a pan searing/ stir fry technique to roast the cauliflower. But you can also roast them in the oven. Cauliflower and green peas are a classic Indian combination. Gobi Matar is a famous North Indian dish and a great accompaniment for naan or pulka. I often make it for dinner, but this time tweaked the recipe a bit for a low-calorie curry with coconut milk instead of cream. It adds flavor and creaminess to

Hot and Sour Tomato Pickle

    Hot and Sour Tomato Pickle  Today's recipe is a delicious tomato pickle with enticing flavors and taste. It is a delightful pickle, fresh and bursting with flavor. Do you also like vegetable pickles? Condiments like pickles are a staple in my kitchen. I have a deep love for a vegetable pickle, with the flavors of mustard and garlic. Tomato pickle is a perfect condiment- it is sour and mildly sweet with a delicious spice kick. It adds a zesty kick to any meal, and you will surely love it. The heat is from Kashmiri red chilly powder and the slight tart from tamarind pulp and vinegar. Tomato pickle tastes best with steamed rice yogurt, appam, and rice rotis. This tomato pickle is inspired by the Andhra tomato pickle . It is not an authentic recipe, but a quick fixer. When my mom makes tomato pickle, she uses sun-dried tomatoes. It is more sweet and tart, with a good umami flavor. The texture also gets slightly chewy. It has a much longer shelf life. So coming to this recipe, it is