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Beef Kothu Parotta/ Kothu Roti- South Indian Street Food

Beef Kothu Parotta/ Kothu Roti- South Indian Street Food Today's recipe is absolutely comfort food- it is street food at its best, satisfying, and delicious. Kothu Parotta is a South Indian street food delicacy and is popular in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A variation of kothu parotta is  Kothu Rotti  popular in Sri Lanka from where this recipe originated. It is a humble dish, but one of the most innovative street food delicacies and an exciting way to use up leftovers. The platter may not be aesthetically pleasing- here you have in front of you heaping bits of chopped flatbread soaked in spicy gravy, topped with vegetables, meat, or scrambled egg. But it is seriously addictive, aromatic, and heartwarming. You will be coming back for more! But the best experience is watching the street vendor make kothu parotta. It is hard to not notice the musical rhythm of experienced chefs while making kothu parotta. It is cooked on a hot flat griddle, using heavy spatulas that resemble

Chakka Pazham Pori- Chakka Appam/ Ripe Jack Fruit Fritters

Chakka Pazham Pori- Chakka Appam/ Ripe Jack Fruit Fritters Today's recipe is a snack made with ripe jack fruit. It is a deep-fried jack fruit fritters gently laced with the flavor of cardamom. This snack is very similar to the ever-popular street food of Kerala - Pazham pori , made with ripe plantain. I make pazham pori all the time, yet this one with chakka or jack fruit is so unique in taste. It is extremely flavorful and absolutely delicious-a die for! There is a beauty in the simplicity of traditional tea-time snacks. We often refer to them as  naadan palaharam . Some recipes make you nostalgic and we keep coming back to it time and again. It brings back memories of some distant times. I don't even remember this existed until my mom reminded me of chakka pazham pori. I am so happy I tried this again and along with it came a flood of childhood memories :) This is a sure winner if you have sudden guests at home. The flavor of ripe jack fruit dipped in sweet c

Ennai Kathikkai- Baby Eggplant/Brinjal Masala

Ennai Kathikkai- Baby Eggplant/Brinjal Masala Ennai Kathikkai is a traditional South Indian curry made with baby eggplant/ aubergines/ brinjal. A quintessential dish from the Tamilian cuisine, this curry is absolute comfort homey food, best served with steamed rice. Tamil cuisine is famous for its lip-smacking kulambu/ gravies and you will be hooked to this curry. Ennai Kathirkkai means eggplant in oil. There are two reasons why it is called so, first, the baby eggplant/brinjal is sauteed or fried in oil, and secondly, the gravy of roasted masala is slow-cooked and simmered till oil separates. This may sound complicated, but it is an easy recipe. It is the slow simmering of the roasted gravy along with the fried eggplants that does all the magic! Ennai Kathikkai is a tangy and spicy gravy. It is somewhat similar to the Kerala eggplant theeyal with onions, coconut, and tamarind. It is the right balance with coconut, turmeric, chilies, earthy spices, onion paste, and tamarind-