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Spicy Chicken 65/ How To Make Kerala Restaurant Style Chicken 65

  Spicy Chicken 65/ How To Make Kerala Restaurant Style Chicken 65 Chicken 65 is fiery, crispy fried chicken bites, perfect for a cocktail party or a delicious snack. It is always a crowd-pleaser, and besides, there’s nothing like a deliciously spicy chicken fry. Sounds exciting, huh? Then check the recipe, it is super simple to make, and you can enjoy restaurant-style chicken 65 at home. Chicken 65 is one of the easiest and tastiest of chicken fry dishes from South India and found on the menu of every South Indian eateries/ restaurant. It is a peculiar name for a chicken dish. You might wonder why the name Chicken 65? It seems like this is a mystery. Some sources suggest that it was the 65th item on the menu list. Another viable reason is that it was named after the year it was introduced in the hotel menu, in 1965 at the Buhari hotel in Chennai. But there is no doubt this delicious, flavorful chicken is an addictive starter and is a pure joy to indulge. The chicken pieces are marinat

Pakkavada- Ribbon Pakoda- Kerala Snack Recipe

  Pakkavada- Ribbon Pakoda  Pakkavada/ Ribbon pakoda, an old fashioned tea time snack is undeniably good, with everything you like in a snack- crispy and salty.  It's just what we crave when we want something to munch watching a favorite movie. This snack is addictive with the right balance of heat and flavor. It is made, with chickpeas flour and rice flour seasoned with a variety of savory spices. Pakkavada is a snack I grew up eating. Back home, my mom stocks up on these types of goodies almost whenever we have guests at home. I love making these in big batches and just keeping them handy. This recipe is easily customizable to taste. This snack tastes just like the store brought ones, and you will be surprised how easy it is to make them at home. So if you want a super simple snack, check this recipe! Pakkavada is perfect to munch with tea or when hunger pangs kick in. The mild spiciness and flaky, crisp texture make it addictive. The dough of the pakkavada is seasoned, with chil

Easy Coffee Pudding With Whipped Dolgona Coffee

Easy Coffee Pudding  Are you looking for a great coffee experience? Why not try a pudding with a rich coffee flavor. This sweet and flavorful pudding with a powerful coffee punch is refreshing and delicious. It is topped with a velvety bitter-sweet whipped Dalgona coffee and complements the milky sweet pudding. The texture is that of a lusciously light, soft gelatinous dessert. Imagine coffee jello but with a light, smooth texture, and the flavor and sweetness of condensed milk. It is the simplest homey dessert that you can ever make. Coffee is my absolute favorite, and a good cup of coffee is a good mood. It’s hard to imagine a day without a cup of coffee. So I adore coffee-flavored puddings, especially coffee-flavored chocolate puddings. So I figured it was time to do it again but this time a complete coffee-flavored pudding. The pudding is milky sweet, with an incredibly light texture. The whipped Dalgona coffee is a delicious accompaniment. Dolgona coffee was trendy in social media

Pineapple Sweet Rice/ Rice Kesari Bhath- Flavored with Ghee and Saffron

Pineapple Sweet Rice/ Rice Kesari Bhath Do you like puddings with rice? Today's recipe is a delicious dessert from the South Indian state of Karnataka. Rice Kesari Bhath/baat is a luscious and creamy dessert made with rice, sugar, and ghee and infused with saffron flavor. When you think of rice puddings it gives you a feel of homey comfort food. Puddings with rice are often underrated, but growing up in Southern India, where rice is a staple, sweet desserts with rice is nothing new. Rice has a divine appeal to it and a cherished offering of South Indian temples. Now coming to today's recipe, what I love about it is its taste and rich vibrant color. Saffron adds a touch of royalty to this dessert and a subtle floral scent. Sweet juicy pineapple bits add a delightful twist, and your rice pudding is going to taste divine. It has a beautiful texture, soft and moist, and almost melting in ghee. The rice is cooked till soft but should hold a texture, and have a nice mouthfeel. A simi