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Ellum Kappa/ Kappa Biriyani- Tapioca and Beef

Ellum Kappa/ Kappa Biriyani Ellum Kappa/ Kappayum erachiyum is a delectable combo of tapioca/yuca and spicy curried beef. This dish brings out the authentic taste of Kerala. The meat is cooked in aromatic and earthy spices, freshly ground coconut paste, toasted coconut, and fried onions mixed with boiled tapioca and combined with the flavor of coconut oil, it represents flavors of Kerala at its best. Kappa Biriyani is a wholesome meal, cooked separately and combined to make a hearty and filling comfort food. You might ask, where is the best place to get the tastiest kappa biryani? Check local thattukadas, street food stalls, and toddy shops. But you can also make it at home, and the recipe is quite simple. To people of Kerala tapioca/ cassava is next to rice as a major source of carbohydrate in their meal, and there are pride and obsession with this starchy root vegetable and the various recipes made with it. But yuca/cassava is not native to Kerala. It came from South America an

Beetroot Pickle - South Indian Pickled Vegetable

Beetroot Pickle - South Indian Pickled Vegetable Do you also like vegetable pickles?  I love pickles, and condiments are a staple in my kitchen. It is almost the end of summer, and I came across some beautiful beets at the farmer's market. Vegetable pickles are delightful and flavorful with vinegar, chilly, mustard, and garlic. Beetroot pickle is naturally bright with vibrant color and flavor. There is a natural sweetness with a slight crunch from the beets. Beetroot has an earthiness and sweetness and complements the flavor of pickling spices and vinegar. Not sure about making your vegetable pickles?. It is much easier than you think, and this recipe is easy and tasty. Beetroot pickle is a must-try delicious condiment. Beets are considered a superfood , packed with antioxidants, folates, vitamins, and essential minerals. I often try incorporating beets or beet greens in my cooking. Beetroot pickle has the flavors of chilly, mustard, garlic, ginger, and curry leaves. Sugar ba