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Black Forest Cake/ Black Forest Cherry Torte

 Black Forest Cake/ Black Forest Cherry Torte Black Forest cake is a stunning and decadent chocolate-cherry cake and is surprisingly easy to make. A classic favorite throughout the world, this version is closer to the traditional German Black forest cake. It is a harmonious dessert with spongy chocolate cake layers, sandwiched with cherry filling, and the frosting is fresh,  whipped cream, and cherries. The term tortes come from the German word for elegant layer cakes with fruit, nut, or jam fillings. Black forest cake is one of the first cake that I fell in love with several years back. The best part of this cake is its light, spongy layers with delightful fresh cream frosting.  It is not too- overly sweet chocolate cake. It offered a sharp contrast to the dense and rich butter cakes that were more commonly available in our local bakery. Now those traditional butter cakes have a charm of its own, but and I fell in love with this elegant dessert mainly because of its light te