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Kerala Christmas Fruit Cake/ Plum Cake Recipe

  Kerala Christmas Fruit Cake/ Plum Cake Recipe Fruit cakes are traditional holiday cakes and look festive and colorful. Kerala style fruit cakes are delicious, moist, and perfectly balanced in flavor. It has a distinct flavor, loaded with fruits and laced with the flavor of rum and aromatic spices. This cake is rich, and there is so much that goes into the cake- dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts, rum, molasses, spices, caramel syrup, and butter. It is delicious and worth a try! Each slice of this cake looks festive, with delicious, flavorful fruits in each bite. The cake is perfect for the holiday table, and it is easier to prepare in your kitchen. Kerala Christmas celebration is not complete without fruit cake/plum cake and homemade grape wine. There is a nostalgic feel when it comes to baking a fruit cake. There is a time-honored tradition in making fruit cakes, and it is a beautiful process. I still remember my grandmother, preparing candied orange peel, ginger candy, tutti frutti

25 Delicious Kerala Christmas and New Year's Eve Recipes

   25 Delicious Kerala Christmas Recipes  How is the Christmas planning coming along for everyone? It is almost Christmas, and today I, am sharing some tasty ideas for a traditional Kerala-style Christmas feast. Festivities and traditions are diverse in countries around the world, but the holidays bring in joy and happiness. It takes lots of planning to make the ultimate holiday spread. I hope this list comes in handy for those who are planning a Kerala-style Christmas feast or New Year's Eve dinner. Spiced fruit cake and wine are part of the Christmas celebration.  Dried fruits are soaked in liquor,  to make fruit cakes.  It tastes delicious with homemade sweet grape wine. Christians of Kerala celebrate Christmas with midnight mass, Christmas carols, and a feast with family and friends. The traditional feast is generally a non vegetarian affair. Traditionally meals were served on banana leaves, with lip-smacking delicious, spicy curries and rice. Roasted or curried chicken, duck,

Kerala Beef Cutlet- Beef and Koorka/ Chinese Potato Cutlets

   Kerala Beef Cutlet/ Beef and Koorka/ Chinese Potato Cutlet Beef Cutlet is a local delicacy of Kerala- a timeless favorite when it comes to party appetizers. Kerala cutlets are meat patties with potatoes- crunchy is the outside and with a soft filling. There is always a nostalgic feeling when it comes to these breaded crispy fried beauties. They are the best comfort food and easy to make. Are you are looking for delightful crispy snacks/appetizers for entertaining this Christmas? In Kerala, Christmas feasts are incomplete without this spicy lip-smacking delicious appetizer. That is also the reason I am sharing this recipe today. Cutlet is a yummy snack made with meat or vegetables is cooked, in aromatic spices, breaded and deep-fried to crispy golden. They are so addictive that you will never get tired of eating them! Cutlets can be made with any meat. For this recipe, I am using beef and Koorka/ Chinese potato. Usually, mashed potatoes are used for the filling, but Chinese potatoes

Chocolate Cream Cake/ Bakery Style Chocolate Pastry Cake

   Chocolate Cream Cake/  Chocolate Pastry Cake  Chocolate cream cake/pastry cake is easy to make and sure to impress all chocolate lovers! This tiny layer cake is delicious and surprisingly easy to make. Are you looking for a cake that is elegant and easy to put together for Christmas? This chocolate cake is the kind of dessert you need for the holiday season to share with your family and friends. They are neatlyy sliced individual serving portions, and perfect for a party or get together. Chocolate cream cakes are childhood nostalgia, and the sight of these decadent slices of chocolaty goodness, displayed in the windows of pastry shops, and bakeries are hard to resist. They are dressed to impress all chocolate lovers. This is my favorite, easy to make, and the best chocolate pastry cake recipe ever! The best part of this cake is its light, spongy layers with delightful cream frosting. It has an incredibly luscious chocolate flavor, perfectly soft and moist. It is a light, sponge base