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Sweet Kozhukatta/ Steamed Rice Dumplings

Kozhukatta/ Steamed Rice Dumplings Kozhukatta is a traditional Kerala delicacy. They are soft round steamed rice dumplings with both sweet and savory fillings. It is a tasty and guilt-free treat or a snack. At home in Kerala, my mom often made these in the afternoon, so we can enjoy them as a snack at tea time. But you can have it any time of the day and if you have a sweet tooth like me kozhukatta is a perfect guilt-free snack . This is a classic one you will never get tired of eating. It seems like these sweet dumplings is an age-old traditional snack. Kozhukatta is also a popular festival offering. It is made on special days like Onam, Vishu and Vinayaka Chathurthi as offerings. Kozhukatta perunal is celebrated by the Christians of Kerala. It is the day before palms Sunday. Modhak is the North Indian version of Kozhukatta. Kerala style kozhukatta has a sweet filling. It is a quick recipe with very few ingredients, rice flour, coconut and jaggery being the tastemakers. Do