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Vada Chicken Curry- Andhra Chicken Curry and Medu Vada - Garelu Kodi Pulusu

Vada Chicken Curry- Andhra Chicken Curry and Medu Vada - Garelu Kodi Pulusu  Today's recipe is a treat for all chicken lovers- it is spicy chicken curry with crispy fried vadas. Sambar vada and rasa vada are popular tea time snack. How about vada chicken curry? Have you tried this delectable combo before? Garelu/ urad dal vadas and spicy chicken curry is one of a kind unique combo, of Andhra cuisine. It is popular in the southern Andhra and Telangana regions. The crispy fried vadas or medu vada is a delicious snack on its own. But vadas dipped into spicy chicken curry/pulusu are delicious, and you cannot stop munching. Vada chicken curry is simple but gives you an exotic eating experience. You can enjoy this as a snack, quick and tasty lunch, or light dinner. Sounds exciting, then check the recipe below. It is super simple to make. Andhra chicken curry/ Chicken pulusu is a spicy, flavorful chicken curry, one of our family favorites. There is nothing like an easy-to-make, heartwarm

Easy Beef Wraps with Shawarma Spice- Delicious Pita Roll-Ups

   Easy Beef Wraps with Shawarma Spice- Delicious Pita Roll-Ups  Wraps are versatile and great for quick and tasty lunch or light dinner. You can get creative and use your favorite protein, veggies, and healthy fats. Beef wraps with Shawarma spice are irresistibly delicious and packed with flavor. Get inspired to create your version of middle eastern street food at home. The shawarma spice mix is warm and aromatic and has a well-rounded flavor profile. No one can resist this delicious wrap of spiced meat with fresh veggies and drizzle with a delicious tahini garlic yogurt sauce. The beef shawarma wrap is one of the most requested ones at home, and my kid loves this so much. It is simple and can be prepared in advance. It is the best weeknight dinner, and the leftovers are great for lunches. Your family will love this every time you make it! What is Shawarma ? Shawarma is a favorite fast food, a popular sandwich in the Middle East . It is similar to Turkish döner kebab and Greek gyros.

Ash Gourd Halwa- Kashi Halwa

   Ash Gourd Halwa- Kashi Halwa  Kashi Halwa is a decadent dessert perfect for any occasion. Winter melon/ Ash Gourd is used to make Kashi Halwa. If you think vegetables and desserts do not go together, then this halwa will make you love veggies even more. Carrots, beets, squash, ash gourd, bottle gourd, raw papaya, pumpkin are all easy to incorporate into delicious vegetable desserts. In India, halwa is an indispensable part of festive occasions. You can find innumerable varieties of halwa in various hues and flavors. Halwa loaded with vegetables are widely popular, especially carrots, beets , and pumpkin . Kashi halwa/ Ash gourd halwa is a regional favorite from Karnataka/ South India. It is a comforting, homey dessert and has a taste that lingers in your memories. Halwa making is time-consuming. But the best part of this halwa is that it is ready in under 30 minutes. What is Halwa? Halwa or halvah is sweet gel-like confectionery much loved in Asia, especially in the West, Central,