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Opera Cake

 Opera Cake Baking partners challenge for July is the yummy and famous  French pasty Opera cake. This months recipe was suggested by Savitha of Savitha's Kitchen . Swathi also shared one recipe with me. You can find the recipe here . If you take a look at the  recipe you will notice that  there are different stages to make this cake before the final assembly. This cake has a rich almond coffee flavor. It consists of almond sponge cake with layers of  French coffee butter cream, chocolate butter cream and chocolate ganache on top. Thanks Savitha and Swathi for this recipe. Ingredients For the almond sponge Cake flour-3 tbs Egg- 2 large  Almond flour - 1 cup Confectionery Sugar- 1/2 cup Egg whites-2 Cream of tartar- 1/8 tsp Salt- 1/8 tsp Granulated sugar- 1tbs Butter unsalted- 2 tbs For the coffee Syrup Espresso powder- 1 tsp Water- 1/2 cup Sugar- 2 tsp Coffee Butter Cream Granulated sugar-  1/2 cup Egg yolk-2 Butter- 1 stick Espresso- 1 tsp Water

Tangdi Kabab

Tangdi Kabab Tangdi kabab or grilled chicken drumstick is a yummy starter/appetizer. Chicken tastes yummy and tender because of the flavorful and spicy marinade. For this chicken I used green masala paste along with spices and yogurt for the marinade. I made a small portion with four chicken drumsticks.Try this,you will surely love it. Ingredients Chicken Drumsticks- 4 Hung curd- 1/2 cup Chilly powder- 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp Gram flour-3 tbs Garam masala- 1 tsp ( use regular garam masala and for extra flavor add a pinch of Ajwain, amchur/dry mango powder and dry ginger powder) Chaat masala- a pinch To make a paste Coriander leaves- 1/3 cup chopped Mint- 4-5 Green chilly- 5-6 Ginger- 1inch thick Garlic- 6-8 cloves oil- 3 tsp salt to tate Marinate chicken with salt, hung curd,chilly powder and turmeric powder. Set this aside for at least half and hour. For best results marinate over night in the refrigerator. In a pan dry roast gram flour till t

Banana Sorbet

Banana Sorbet A delicious summer treat with bananas.This is a dairy free no fat recipe and is very refreshing. Ingredients Bananas- 4 Lemon juice- 1/2 lemon Sugar- 1 tbs Maple syrup- 1/3 cup Puree all the above ingredients in a mixer till smooth and creamy. You can also use frozen bananas for a better texture. Pour this into an ice cream maker and blend for 10 minutes or till you attain the desired consistency. Transfer to the freezer and let it set. Try this Hope you will all enjoy!

Kerala Chicken Cutlet- Chicken Potato Patties

Chicken Cutlet Are you looking for a delicious snack/ appetizer. Imagine a spicy chicken cutlet with piping hot tea-can you ever say no to this yummy tea time snack? Cutlet is one of my favorite snacks. It has an inducing smell and an absolute comfort food. It is often found in restaurants, local tea stalls, and canteens. Delicious cutlets can be made, with meat, fish, or vegetables. It is a party favorite and is served, as an appetizer or finger food. The breaded meat patties are deep-fried and are crunchy on the outside and with a soft filling. Eggs and bread crumbs help to attain the light crispy texture and allow it to hold its shape while frying. Use a combination of regular and panko bread crumbs for a light and crispy coating. They are the best comfort food and easy to make. It will be ready in under 30 minutes. It is a great time-saver, and the best part is that you can make the patties and store them in the freezer( without frying) for more than two weeks. The flavor

Thakkali Pachadi- Tomato Yogurt Curry- Sadhya Special

Thakkali Pachadi Today's recipe is a simple and lightly tangy pachadi made with tomatoes. It is a comforting side dish with tomatoes and cumin-spiced yogurt. Does it sound simple? And yes it is a simple curry. If you are on a time crunch, this is a perfect recipe for you. Tomato is the star ingredient. There are so many recipes that use tomatoes, but with all the different flavors and masalas it is hard to appreciate the taste of tomatoes. But in this tomato yogurt pachadi you get the sweet and tart flavor of tomatoes. Yes! an intense tomato flavor! Thakkali pachadi is a bright and creamy curry and a great side dish for steamed rice and chapati. I sometimes make tomato fry for chapathi and appam. But in this pachadi you add a spiced yogurt coconut paste. There is a beautiful balance between the sweetness and acidity of tomatoes, sweet nutty taste of coconut and the sourness of spiced yogurt. Cumin, curry leaves and coconut oil adds to the flavor. In some regions of Ke

Kappalandi Mittayi/Peanut Ladoo

Kappalandi Mittayi Kappalandi Mittayi/ Chikki/peanut ladoo is a is yummy crispy candy made with peanuts and jaggery. For sweetness you can also use caramelized sugar. This fresh home made peanut candy is kids favorite. Try this you will surely love it. Ingredients Peanuts - 1 1/2 cup Jaggery- 1 1/2 cup Water- 1/2 cup Salt - a pinch Ghee- 1 tbs Cardamon powder- a pinch Dry ginger powder- 1/8 tsp (optional) Dry roast peanut in medium flame for 8-10 minutes. Allow this to cool down. Rub with you palm to remove the skin and keep aside. Heat jaggery and water and allow it to melt. Strain and transfer the syrup into a heavy bottom pan. In medium heat allow it to thicken to two thread consistency. It will be sticky when you press it between your thumb and index finger and will form two or three threads. Reduce the flame and stir continuously for another 4-5 minutes till it thickens. To test the perfect syrup consistency drop a little syrup into water, when pressed toget

Persian Kotlet

Persian Kotlet Persian kotlets is meat patties made with minced beef/chicken and grated potatoes. It is tasty and tender meat patties and perfect for parties and potlucks. The patties are flatten on the plam and can be made oval or round.Kotlets are thin with crispy edges and is perfect size for pita bread sandwich.  Ingredients Minced beef or chicken- 1 lb Potatoes- 1 lb onion- 1 mdium egg-2 Turmeric- 1/3 tsp Pepper --1/2 tsp Cinnamon- 1/8 tsp Nutmeg and cardamon - a pinch Cumin- 1/3 tsp Rose water- a few drops (optional) (or ground dry rose petals) Saffron- a pinch (optional) Bread crumbs- 3 tbs salt to taste oil for frying- 1 cup In a large mixing bowl, add the minced meat. Wash two medium sized potatoes and peel. Grate the potatoes finely and add them to the minced meat. In the same way, grate the onion. Mix all the spices, bread crumbs, salt, and eggs and mix well with the minced meat and potatoes. Portion the mixture into small equal-sized bal