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Delicious Mushroom Biryani- South Indian Recipe

   Delicious Mushroom Biryani- South Indian Recipe Mushroom Biryani is one of my favorite ways to eat mushrooms. Delicious and flavorful biryani makes a wholesome meal for weekends or gets together. Mushroom biryani may not be popular, as the meatier versions of biryani, but has a unique taste and flavor. Mushrooms have a fleshy texture, a distinct umami flavor, and make for a pleasant meat substitute. If you want to make it gourmet, use a variety of mushrooms. You can use assorted mushrooms like the white button, shiitake, baby Bella/cremini, pearl oyster mushrooms, or king oyster mushrooms . Together they will add unique textures and flavors to the rice. Mushrooms taste best when fried or sautéed in butter. But clarified butter or ghee has a rich nutty taste and takes the flavor to another level. Mushrooms will get a nice golden brown sear and a concentrated mushroom flavor. Add mushrooms in batches from hardier mushrooms to most delicate for a final quick stirfry. Mushroom biryani i