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Eggless Tender Coconut Ice Cream/ Karikku Ice Cream

Egg-less Tender Coconut Ice Cream/ Karikku Ice Cream Tender coconut ice cream is the perfect summer dessert, and the taste will transport you to a tropical paradise. Do you love tender coconut drink? I love its fresh taste and natural sweetness. Scoop out the delicious tender coconut meat and turn it into a perfect summer treat! In the tropical regions, tender coconut is considered nature's blessing during the hot tropical months. It is a thirst quencher and helps you stay hydrated. You can scoop out the tender meat and enjoy it just by itself or add to desserts. Tender coconut meat has a natural sweetness and creamy, rich taste to it that you will find irresistible. This tender coconut ice cream is a delightfully refreshing summer treat with a  smooth velvety texture. If you are a fan of tender coconut, this frozen treat recipe is worth a try. This summer, my family visited Kerala, and my kid got addicted to the fresh and naturally sweet taste of tender coconut. I let him e