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Milk Peda Sweet- Indian Milk Fudge

Milk peda Sweet- Indian Milk Fudge

Milk peda or khoya sweet is quintessential Indian sweet or mithai made on all special occasions. No festive occasion is complete without these small round discs of milky creamy delight. They are commonly distributed in temples as prasad, or a religious offering of food The richness and flavor of this sweet, soft fudge is truly divine. Along with the richness of milk, this sweet is gently laced with the flavor of cardamom and saffron. This is so addictive and the best you can ever imagine!

Peda is my all-time favorite sweet. It has a soft and slightly chewy texture and is made with mawa or milk solids. During my years in college, my friends and I would eagerly wait for the food truck that comes to campus every Wednesday. Everyone lines up for ice cream. But there are a few of us that join a small line for peda and palkova (the south Indian milk fudge). Now it does not mean that I don't like ice creams. But I simply love nibbling this tasty, milky fudge. It is such a fun dessert.

Earlier making pedas was time-consuming. My Mom used to make it by boiling and reducing milk then adding sugar and cook till it thickens. It was only recently while viewing Manjula's Kitchen on youtube that I understood that my favorite sweet can be made quick and easy. I quickly checked this recipe with my mom, just so that I don't miss something essential. The joy of making my favorite sweet at home was immense. It came out well and tasted just like the ones made at home. There are so many varieties of peda out there. This is the basic peda recipe. You can add nuts, chocolate or fruits to the peda for different flavors and texture. Try this deliciously sweet, you will surely love it. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients to make Peda
The ingredients to make peda are very simple, khoya/mawa, fresh paneer/chena, sugar, cardamom, and saffron 
Mawa- The most important ingredient to make peda is mawa or khoya. Mawa has reduced milk or milk solids. I used store-bought mawa. You can find mawa at Indian grocery stores in the freezer section. Alternatively, you can also use milk powder or condensed milk. If you are making with milk powder select full-fat milk powder. You can find mawa milk powder in the Indian grocery store which I have found works perfectly well for this recipe. Peda made with condensed milk has a slightly chewy texture which some of you may find interesting.
Chena/fresh paneer- Fresh paneer is optional. It adds body and texture to the peda-a semi-soft grainy texture. You can use both homemade or store brought paneer. I have used a homemade paneer for this recipe. You can make fresh paneer at home. The first step is to boil the milk let it cool down for two to three minutes and then curdle it using lemon juice or vinegar. Once the milk curdles you drain the water using a muslin cloth and you will get milk solid. If you do not have mawa or paneer, you can still make peda, substitute it with milk powder and ricotta cheese.
Cardamom and saffron- These pedas are beautifully laced with the flavor of cardamom and saffron. If you are not a fan of cardamom just use saffron and rose water. Nuts like almonds and pistachios can be used to garnish.
How to make Milk peda

Cooking time- 25 minutes
Recipe type- sweet/ dessert
Cuisine- Indian

Khoya or Mawa- 1 1/2 cup
Paneer- 1/2 cup
Milk- 1/2 cup
Sugar- 1 cup
Ghee- 3 tsp

Cardamon powder- 3/4 tsp
Saffron and nuts for garnish

To make chena or fresh paneer
Boil 2 cups of milk and set aside for two to three minutes. Add lemon juice and let the milk curdle. Let it cool down and allow the milk to separate. 
Place the cheesecloth on a kitchen mesh strainer and strain the milk. Rinse it under running water to remove the taste of lemon juice and squeeze off the excess liquid. Let it sit for half an hour, you can also hang it so that all the excess water drains off.
Remove the chena or milk solid into a bowl and knead until smooth for 3-4 minutes.
Homemade khoya 
I have used homemade Khoya for this recipe. To make Khoya I used two cups of whole milk powder and 3/4 cup of evaporated milk. Knead it in the form of a dough. Cover the ball with a muslin cloth and carefully place it in a pressure cooker. Do not allow it to touch the water and steam it in high pressure for three to four minutes. Allow it to rest for half an hour. Bring it back to room temperature cover and refrigerate for four to five hours.
If using store brought Mawa 
In the same way, you have to process the mawa. The mawa will be frozen. Let it defrost and knead the mawa till it is smooth. If you are using mawa milk powder, knead it along with the paneer. 
Cooking the peda
In a nonstick pan add mawa and paneer mixture to the pan. Add milk and mix well. Stir and cook in medium flame for about eight or ten minutes till the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan. Cook for another 4-5 minutes till it is smooth and comes together like a soft lumpy dough. Allow it to cool completely and add in powdered or granulated sugar and cardamom powder and knead it gently just like a dough. Grease your hand with butter or ghee and roll into balls and flatten gently to form a round disc. Garnish with chopped nuts. You can store this for up to a week in the refrigerator. 

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Try this..
Hope you will all enjoy..


  1. I would love to have those pedas right now..looks so fabulous....

  2. Suja, those peda look amazingly delicious. I simply love milk pedas :)

  3. Awesome peda suja, looks very delicious. It's very easy to make.Very attractive presentation!

  4. what a delicious peda suja.....nice presentation ...looks very tempting yaar

  5. Wow! so yummy, i love these little treat.

  6. wow... beautiful peda's luks very colorful .. good shots

  7. Very beautiful...looks like small candles..

  8. Wow.. sherikkum kothi varunnu.. Naattile bakery il kittunnathu pole thanne.. adipoli..

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  10. Hi Suja.thanks alot for ur sweet comments.Peda looks superb and delicious!

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  12. Awesome peda suja, looks very delicious.

  13. Thats a beautiful,cute and tempting pedas, feel like grabbing some..

  14. u made them perfectly .. luv the pretty decon on top...luks soooo cute

  15. I too made pedas recently but your recipe is so unique I may give it a try.Pedas look wonderful.

  16. SO yummy :) mouthwatering here :)

  17. i used to love peda so much at one point of time..that i ate so much and now i cant stand it..weird rt..
    they look really beutiful

  18. OMG..Awesome awesome pedas..Suja, wonderful dear..

    Kairali sisters

  19. Thanks all for your sweet comments :)

  20. Beautiful perfect and yummy!!!

  21. Lovely bedas. Like the way you simplified it. Cute!

  22. Hey wow i used to eat these Doodh pedas in india....but now aftr seeing ur recipe its been so nice to seee the recipe and wow such a yummy dish dear...

  23. looks prefect. it has the nice light color too. u could even try making it ricotta cheese.

  24. Pedas are my fav too... this sounds easy! Love the presentation!

  25. I love pedas and yours look perfect and delicious!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  26. Thanks all..gayathri happy to know that you wish to try this:)
    Mallu girl ..thanks for stopping delighted to have met you..will surely try ricotta cheese ..that's a fabulous idea:)

  27. Thanks all for stopping by and for the sweet comments:)

  28. suja peda nicely presented really yummy one.. homemade mawa thats good work . really good one

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  31. Thanks Prani,turmeric spice and Pravs:)

  32. this look gr8 .. i make khoya using microwave the one with pressure cooker is new to me .. should try it out ...

  33. Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment:)

  34. suja u have a very lovely blog .. thanx for peeking into my blog and giving a comment .. am not so regular in writing... infact very lazy on that ... but love cooking ...with inspiration from fellow bloggers might be i could do more ... traveling home today for 2 months summer vacation .. catch u up after that.. happy blogging


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