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Spicy Fish fry

This is a spicy fish fry which my family enjoys every time it is made at home. It goes well with rice and  fish curry. There is no doubt that these trio complement each other so well and is indispensable part of the lunch menu back home in Kerala.The marinade I have used has a unique south Indian blend of spices and you can increase or decrease the amount of spices to suit your taste. What I love in this fish fry is the blend of flavors of coconut oil,curry leaves and shallots.

Fish- 4-5 medium sized pieces
Shallots 2-3 small
Ginger- 1 inch thick
Garlic- 2 pods
Green chilly- 2
Dry Red Chilly-3
Pepper whole- 3/4 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/3 tsp
Lemon juice- 1/2 tsp
Mint leaves- 5-6
Curry leaves 4-5
Salt to taste-
Coconut Oil for frying

Place all ingredients except fish and oil into a mixer and blend into a smooth fine paste.
Cut and clean fish and marinate with this paste and keep aside for fifteen minutes. Shallow fry in coconut oil. Flip over the other side( after 2-3 three minutes in medium flame depending on the size of the fish) when spices gets browned up and fried gently take out using spatula.Place of paper towel to take off the excess oil. Serve warm with rice.

Try this..

Hope you will all enjoy..


  1. that looks so spicy and tasty.. lovely presentation

  2. Never used corn flour for frying fish..will try some day...

  3. Thanks aipi and Deepa for the sweet comment.
    Deepa it is optional..It helps to bind the masala's together while try this you will surely love it.

  4. By seeing the ingredients itself i can say how spicy and yummy this fry it...simply superb one suja

  5. Looks super delicious. A small tip when you grind maala add a handfull of curry leaves. The aroma will be wonderful :)

  6. I am an ardent lover of fish !! U made my day .... simple and delicious n lovely photograph !

    Cheers n Happy Cooking !

  7. fry looks so delicious n spicy lovers must love this


  8. wow...Though I had this in plenty during our visit home, I can't stop drooling :-)

  9. fish look so good and really spicy, beautiful presentation suja

  10. mackrel fry..looks so delicious.i am not preparing this at home becausemy hus hate this fish.nicely done.. lovely decorations

  11. ..looks irrestible,mouthwatering and yum....drooling dear....

  12. Corn flour in fish fry, athu ethu vareyum kettitilalo Sujechi..Looks spicy as your title says..Adipoli aytund...


  13. You get fresh mackerel there in NJ?? :( :( kothi varunnu..

  14. i cant control my drooling...with hot steaming rice..yummmmmmm :)

  15. mouthwatering fish fry!!!!!!! love to have it now... it reminds my mom... tnq 4 sharing

  16. MOuthwatering here, looks super tempting..

  17. wow..drooling over on your fish fry...look yummm

  18. Oh man, thats very mackerel fish...tastes great:) I am going to hop into next possible flight and come to your house, haha...kidding:)

  19. Ooooh! That looks so delicious.
    There is a event going on in my blog, looking forward to your delicious entries:-)

  20. Aiyooo.......dis is too good gal...luv mackerel especially dis fried version. Sadly here the mackerel is not as tasty as back hv to do wit other fishies.
    Btw thks for all ur lovely comments in my blog..really appreciate it.

  21. Looks really delicious and perfect dear!

  22. Perfectly fried with spicy masala .....Looks superb.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  23. Looks good... crispy spicy cover with soft tasty fish...what more can one ask for

  24. adipoli! Vellam varanu vayyil!!!

  25. my husband wud love this..although the house would smell fr a few days after that..with all the frying..but im sure its the compromise you make for such an amazing prep

  26. My mouth is watering...yum yum......

  27. Wow!!! superb!!! ayila evidunnu kitti?? frozen anno???

  28. WOW!! Kandittu kothi aakunnu..Simply superb!! Evide kittunna ayilakku ottum taste ella athu kondu medikkare ella..Eni naattil chennittu venom eshtam pole kazhikkan..

  29. Thanks all for stopping by and for the lovely coments..
    Nitha, Sarah..ayila evide kittunundu:)
    Yummy natil meen varuthathu ormipikalle pls...what you said is true..the taste of home food is really special:)

    Thanks all..pls visit again:)

  30. I am crazy about these flavors...Looks delicious:)

  31. Where can i buy fresh Mackerel in NJ? Can i use frozen mackerel found in Indian stores, here in Princeton area?

    1. Hi Anon,thanks for stopping by..
      I am not sure about Princeton area
      when I was in NJ we usually shopped in Edison area.I used to buy from Asian market Centennial Ave, there is a walmart near by. Mackeral is not available not there every time,but they do have lot of fish..hope you will find it there:)


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