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Kozhi thoran/ Trivandrum Style Chicken Thoran

Chicken Thoran (updated pic)

Today's recipe is a traditional naadan recipe, an old-fashioned chicken cooked with a generous amount of coconut. Thoran is Kerala's version of a quick stir fry with coconut and spices. It is heartwarming homey food that you can enjoy during the weekends. Chicken Thoran is a delicious and aromatic side dish for steamed rice, but you can always be creative and use it as fillings for wraps and bread. This dish is simple, and you can make thoran with almost any vegetable, meat, or seafood. I assure you that you are not in for a complicated curry but a simple and easy to make stir fry. The dish is mildly spiced, and the chicken is coated with coconut. Earthy spices make the chicken flavorful, and there is the sweet crunch of freshly grated coconut.  All the flavor of this stir fry comes from coconut, and for a more authentic regional flavor use coconut oil.

Chicken thoran is a quite popular dish in the southern part of Kerala, the regions adjoining Trivandrum. I used to look forward to this chicken delicacy when I visited my Aunt's home and it was a regional specialty. You can make it with bone-in chicken or boneless chicken, but I prefer the boneless chicken.  This dish is an example of how simple ingredients combine to make drool-worthy tasty meals. Give this recipe a try, you are in for a delicious chicken delicacy.

How to prep chicken for thoran

Usually, young chicken is preferred, for chicken thoran. You can make it with bone-in chicken or boneless chicken. For chicken with bones try cutting the chicken into small pieces or chunks just like the size of a chilly chicken to make this dish. For boneless chicken, it is best to use a combination of chicken breast and chicken thighs. Do not use the mixer or food processor, because it will make a finer minced chicken and it will change the texture of the chicken thoran. It is best to use a heavy knife and a chopping board, and mince the chicken into fine chunky pieces.

Chicken/Kozhi Thoran/Chicken Stir fried With Coconut

Chicken boneless- 1 lb
Shallots- 10-15
Onion- 1 medium
Ginger - 1 inch thick
Green chilly-5
garlic 2 pods
Curry leaves- 2 springs
Coconut grated- 3/4 cup
Chilly powder- 1 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds
salt to taste

Clean and chop chicken into small pieces and marinate with salt and turmeric powder. Crush coconut, chilly powder, curry leaves, and two garlic using a mixer and keep aside. Crush shallots, ginger, green chilly, and cut onion into thin slices.
In a heavy bottom pan heat oil and add mustard seeds and when they splutter, add the crushed shallot, green chilly mixture, and saute till golden brown. Add turmeric powder and salt. Next, add the marinated chicken and the thin slices of onion. Continue to stir in a medium flame till the chicken turns white and starts shedding its water. Cover, and cook the chicken in medium flame for 10 minutes or until soft and cooked.  Add in the coconut mixture and gram masala and saute in high heat till all the moisture disappears, and the chicken is completely dried up. Serve as a side dish for rice.

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Try this..
Hope you will all enjoy..


  1. Happy Diwali dear. Kozhi thoran seems so tempting. Drooling:)

  2. Adipoli aytund tto..Njna kazhija divasam ethundakanam ennu karuthy erikayrunu..Kidu kidu

  3. Such a tempting dish! Great for anytime of the day, yum..

  4. Great looking thoran dear. Would definitely prepare as per your recipe soon.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Interesting..will give it a try one day :)


  6. kandittu epo kittiyal kolaam enu thonanundu.... sherikum vayyil vellam vanu :-)

  7. delicious thoran,luks very tempting...

  8. Hi,

    The thoran looks so yummy...Can you pass me the plate please...feel so hungry looking at it...:)


  9. Yummy chicken dish,looks soooooo goooood...

  10. MOuthwatering thoran, makes me hungry..

  11. kandittu kothiyavunnu..nannayittundu.....

  12. new to me but im sure il def like it:)

  13. This is fantastic....loving it :)

  14. One of my fav...looks so delicious..

  15. Adipoli chicken thoran suja ,looks so inviting n it would have been so aromatic as well .

  16. Spicy n delicious..the pics are really nice!

    US Masala

  17. Suja,
    Seeing the dish, I remember eating it one of our friends home..and remembering the taste , I am craving for this now :-)..very nice preparation of chicken..hugs and smiles

  18. Never tried this dish. looks yummy

  19. thoran looks simply yummy. super:)

  20. Kozhi thoran is tempting..
    Sandesh looks too tempting and Happy Diwali to you..

  21. WOW!! Adipoli kozhi thoran. Kandittu kothi sahikkan vayya..Chorrinte koode perfect!!

  22. Its even tempting me whos a vegetarian..

  23. Kozhi thoran ennu adhyayita kelkune...Adipoli ayitundu !! Belated diwali wishes to you too..Sorry for the delay :)

  24. Thanks all for stopping by and for the encouraging comments

  25. Adipoli recipe & Tempting click suja!kurenalai ithu undakiitu..


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