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Koorka Mezhukkupuratti (Chinese Potato Stir Fry)

Koorka Mezhukkupuratti (Chinese Potato Stir Fry)

Mezhukkupuratti is a staple side dish for Kerala lunch. It is a quick and easy vegetable stir fry, and you can use several kinds of vegetables to make this stir fry. The term mezhukkupuratti means stir-fried or coated with oil. Shallots, garlic, chilly, etc, are crushed into a coarse mixture and stir fried with the vegetables.
Koorka/ Chinese potato stir fry tastes delicious, and it is a healthy side dish for rice. Koorka/ Chinese potato is one of my fav vegetables, and it has a distinctive taste and flavor. It is moist and grainy when compared to potatoes and can hold its shape. It has a distinct aromatic flavor, meaty, and earthy. It is a healthy vegetable and is a rich source of iron, vitamins, and calcium. This seasonal root vegetable is popular in Kerala. For an authentic taste of mezhukkupuratti, it is best to use coconut oil. Shallots, garlic, thinly sliced coconut bits, and curry leaves add flavor and taste. This is a simple stir fry and is a perfect combo with steamed rice and yogurt curry.

To clean the Kooraka
Koorka/Chinese potatos are round, dark brown or blackish skin.It needs some time and patience for cleaning. To clean the koorka/Chinese potato the easiest way is to put them in a cloth bag or a sack and gently hit a few times on hard surface or on the floor. It sounds weird but you will notice that the skin will get separated in this process. If there is any excess left, scrape off with a knife. Wash thoroughly and then cut into small pieces. You can also peel  Chinese potatoes using a peeler. But be careful when you handle this vegetable. Try wearing gloves to avoid blackening and staining your fingers.

Koorka- 250 grams
Pearl onions- 10-12
Garlic-1 pod
Turmeric powder- 1/3 tsp
Chilly powder-1/2 tsp
( or crushed chilly flakes- 1/2 tsp)
Pepper powder-1/3 tsp
Thinly sliced coconut- a few
Curry leaves- 2 springs
Mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp
Coconut oil and salt to taste

To make Koorka Mezhukkupuratti
Clean and cook koorka along with turmeric and salt, till it is soft. Crush shallots, two curry leaves, two dry red chilly and garlic using a kitchen chopper or mortar and pestle and set aside.
 Heat 2 tbs of coconut oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. When it splutters add sliced coconut(tenga kottu) and curry leaves. When the coconut slices turn golden brown, add the crushed shallots and saute till the raw smell disappears and it turns golden brown. Add chilly powder (according to your spice preference) and pepper powder and saute for a minute. Finally, add the cooked koorka and continue to saute for two minutes till it is well coated with oil and changes color to slightly golden. Serve with rice.

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Try this
Hope you will all enjoy!


  1. I saw frozen Chinese potato , will make it with that.

  2. I never knew this veggie by this name..Wonderful stir fry dear..I am excited to try it out .

  3. Next time I will add some thanga kotthu, Adipoli.

  4. Wow,yummy and so tempting presentation Suja.

  5. I love koorka mezhukkupurati.. looks very delicious..

  6. I have to try these Chinese potatoes, the curry looks so delicious..

  7. my favorite,had lots last year when we went to Kerala..ivide kittaan chance onnumilla alle,kothipichuu !!!


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